Cant change settings on Payroll Reports



I cant seem to change the frequnency in my payroll it will only let me run then for each week but looking up help some of the photos show you can select monthly and individual month periods, I have seen this in the help section but it is crazy if you cant run end of year reports to allow you to see full year figures 

Any advice would be appricated


Help sections says

Tax Year, Frequency, and Pay Period.

It is currently only possible to generate these reports to cover single pay periods.

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    If you would like to view the current Year-To-Date values for your employees in Sage Business Cloud Payroll, the easiest way is through “Year End” across the top of your system. Then select “Step 1: Review Employee Pay”. You can also change the “Tax year to report on” drop down menu to view previous years’ totals.


    At the moment the other reporting options are limited to the pay periods you have completed. You can change your payment frequency from Weekly to Monthly but that includes paying your employees once a month rather than the current once a week. (If you would like to do this, please check out our article Change how often you pay an employee.)


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