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Our Payroll Managed Services company provide payroll services to clients in Ireland. They need to report the small business expenses (vouchers) and travel and expense payments to ROS from January 2024. Both of these are managed internally by the client using their own systems and third party expense software. 

Is there any functionality in Sage 50 to record and report this data to ROS?  

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    Hi Paul

    To clarify. The employer has paid employee travel and subsistence expenses via their own 3rd party software. They are asking if the amounts paid can be recorded in Sage Payroll and reported to ROS from Sage Payroll. 

    The same question applies to vouchers reported as small business expenses. The vouchers are processed and recorded in excel by the employer. They are asking if the voucher details can be recorded in Sage Payroll and reported to ROS.

    This is what I need some clarification on.