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I thought it would be nice for the Sage Support team to share some of our Test system "Build Diaries" with you.  This blog article will act as an index to the one’s we publish; so you can easily find any that interest you.

What is a "Build Diary"

A Build Diary simply describes the steps taken by Sage Support to perform a task or tasks on our internal test systems.  Build diaries could be created for major multi-node installations, but may also just be describing the steps taken when installing a small hotfix, or anything in-between.

Why is this being shared

It may be useful for you to see the steps we have taken to create or implement some feature or installation, as this may highlight “gotcha’s”, issues encountered or just give you some guidance if you are planning something similar yourself.

You could potentially use these documents as the base for your own "Workplan document" (Described in "Overview of patching X3 and supporting technologies") when you are planning your own activities

Target Audience

This document is aimed at Sage X3 Certified Technical consultants.  Sage prescribe that X3 system installation, maintenance, migrations, etc. should be performed by suitably qualified Sage X3 consultants.  The prerequisite consideration would be for them to have the latest "Sage X3 Certified Technical Consultant" certification.  You can read more about the Sage X3 qualifications and requirements in Sage University

Additional things to note

•    Our build diaries do NOT purport to illustrate "best practice" for the task being described
•    The steps described will not necessarily be for a "perfect" task, as there may have been issues that needed to be overcome, worked around, or ignored
•    The Sage internal test system has network and hardware configuration specific to Sage
•    The Sage internal test system does not necessarily include a Windows Domain and has Sage sandbox specific Windows security setup, so operating system permissions are generally not discussed
•    If you intend to use these notes as a guide for your own activities, use with caution and perform your own testing to ensure the described steps are suitable and identify any additional considerations that apply to your own situation
•    Ensure you only install and use software you are licensed for

Available Build Diaries

Title Last Updated
2021 R3 (V12 patch 27) Multi-Main (Application Cluster) installation 19-Aug-2021
2021 R3 (V12 Patch 27) Convert runtime to Multi-Main 08-Nov-2021
2021 R3 (V12 patch 27) MongoDB cluster implementation 07-Oct-2021
2021 R4 upgrade from 2021 R3 (Multi-Node) 05-Nov-2021
2021 R4 upgrade from 2019 R4 10-Nov-2021
2021 R4 upgrade from PU9 12-Nov-2021
2021 R4 Single Server Installation  15-Nov-2021
2019R4 Clone single-node Sage X3 instance 19-Nov-2021
2022 R1 - Automated Test Platform installation 25-Feb-2022
2022 R1 - Test SAML2 29-Apr-2022
2022 R2 - MongoDB Replica Set and Syracuse Cluster 02-Aug-2022
2022R3 migration from V6 26-Oct-2022
2022 R4 - V12 Patch 19 Migration and Upgrade 03-Mar-2023
Test system Build Diary: 2022 R4 (V12 patch 32) “Big Build” Part 1 - Installation 30-May-2023
Test system Build Diary: “Big Build” Part 2 – Upgrade to 2023 R1 13-Jun-2023
Test system Build Diary: “Big Build” Part 3 – X3 services installation 19-Jun-2023
Test system Build Diary: “Big Build” Part 4 – SAML 23-Jun-2023
Test system Build Diary: 2023 R2 installation 30-Nov-2023

As always, your feedback is appreciated.