Performance tuning Sage X3: Index

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Updated: 10 August 2023

 This document is the top-level index page linking to a series of sub-documents, all covering the overall topic “Performance tuning your Sage X3 system”. 

 My ambition is for these documents combined to eventually become a one-stop shop where you can discover performance best practises, tips, and things to think about whilst planning, installing, configuring, patching, and running your Sage X3 system with the best performance possible.    I hope these documents will be more than just a list of other references, although I will of course be sign-posting you to the multitude of other documents and references which are already out there.

 Please note this document and all other documents it links to are living documents so will evolve over time as new things are discovered, new functionality is provided, best practises adjusted and/or when I get time to add content; so please make sure you come back and visit this source document often.



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Example topics covered

01: Introduction

16 June 2022

  • What is performance
  • Reporting performance issues to Support team
  • Performance review

02: General notes

07 June 2022

  • Approach to performance issues
  • General articles
  • Gathering Data / Monitoring
  • Testing

03: Users

03 August 2023

  • Keeping PCs updated
  • Anti-Virus
  • Office integrations
  • User behaviour

04: X3 Technology Stack

03 August 2023

  • Syracuse
  • MongoDB
  • Elastic Search
  • Runtime
  • Print Server
  • Apache
  • X3 Console

05: X3 specific considerations

10 August 2023

  • Performance sensitive parameters
  • Screen sizing
  • Performance benchmark tool
  • Logging and tracing
  • Auditing
  • Archive/Purge
  • Sequence numbers
  • Batch Server throughput
  • Migration performance

06: Hardware/Operating System


03 August 2023

  • Hardware
  • Windows
  • Linux

07: Network

03 August 2023

  • Network settings

08: Database

11 January 2023

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

09: Third Party Integrations

(Content to follow)


10: Customisations

03 August 2023



I hope you find this series useful and look forward to any feedback.