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ALERT: Portuguese legislation - SAF-T hotfixes for V12

Hotfixes has been released for 2023R1, 2022R4 and 2022R3 to fix several issues detected in SAF-T extraction.

POR (LEG): SAF-T extraction with parameter SAFTPRDKIT set to "No" - X3-295030

In this bug there is a change of behaviour.
The SAFTPRDKIT parameter will have a different behaviour if it is a Flexible or a Fixed KIT.
For the flexible KITS:
No matter what is defined in SAFTPRDKIT, in SAFT, all lines for a KIT are included in the SAFT communication.
For the fixed KITS:
If the parameter is set to Yes, all lines for a KIT are included in the SAFT communication. If this parameter is set to No, only lines different from 3 to 9 LINTYP are included.
For the credit notes of this type of KITS the X3 controls that is not possible to select just a component.

POR (LEG): SAF-T extraction error - Tag <TotalCredit> is not the sum of tags <CreditAmount> - X3-295727

The SAF-T extraction is controlling the rounding of values exported in <TotalCredit> tag and in <CreditAmount> tag.

Missing CustomerID (Natural person) on orders in SAF-T PT file - X3-297116

The SAF-T extraction is assuring the correct export of <CustomerID> tag in Clients table and Documents.

Point right Please ask for the hotfix from your local support.