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ALERT: Preventive Maintenance is available for the UKI region.

Preventive Maintenance  available to download for Sage X3 2023 R2 (12.0.34)

This patch set is being released for new installs of Preventive Maintenance with Sage X3 2023 R2 (12.0.34).   This patch set may also be used for new installs of PM with Sage X3 2022 R4 (12.0.32).  This set of patches was not tested or supported with other Sage X3 releases,  These patches should NOT be installed in any other version or release of Sage X3. This version is available in English and Spanish.

If upgrading Sage X3 to 2023 R2 (12.0.34) and Preventive Maintenance is already installed, only Hot Fix patches (if available) would need to be installed (i.e. all components in this equivalent to the previous release).  

Note: always apply the patches to a Test environment before implementing in a production environment.  

The patch is available on the ftp site

Included files:

  • Documentation (ENG, SPA version soon)
    • Preventive Maintenance Installation
    • Preventive Maintenance User Guide
  • Patch Files

Usage of this version requires a license key with active Preventive Maintenance. 

For any support issues please raise a case with UKI Customer Services through the case management portal