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INFO: Accessing the Sage X3 Global Hub & Centre of Excellence and Expertise

Accessing the Sage X3 Global Hub

The Sage X3 Global Hub is a dedicated area with exclusive news and alerts tailored just for the Sage X3 Partner community.

If you’re a Sage X3 Partner and currently do not have access, please navigate to this link  The Sage X3 Global Hub. 

The first time you access the Sage X3 Global Hub, you will need to request membership by populating the requested details, make sure to use your professional email address linked to your partner account.

Once your membership request is approved, you can access the Sage X3 Global Hub and the Centre of Excellence and Expertise, where you can find the latest Boot camp information, Practice factories, and Services catalogue, as well as some tips and tricks that will make your life easier and other useful resources tailored for the Partner community.