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INFO : ATP Assistant script 3.2.0 (for 2024 R1 release) is now available

Sage X3 ATP assistant script 3.2.0 (for 2024 R1) generates an ATP script and facilitates ATP Implementation. (Updated on the 29th of May 2024)

ATP contains: 

  • src_XATP-3201_X3_ADX.dat: Version with compiled processes for Sage X3 
  • src_XATP-3201_GX_ADX.dat: Version with compiled processes for Sage X3 Warehousing (GEODE)
  • Syracuse_Menu_XATP.json
  • Documentation_XATP_3201_ENG.pdf
  • Documentation_XATP_3201_FRA.pdf

Avalible on the Sage X3 FTP SIte (X3V12\ATP\Script Assistant\ATP assistant