MKR Importing Production Tracking Error Field TCTRNUM:Mandatory Field


Error when creating another tracking for a quantity that exceeds the plan quantity.

Using the MKI - production tracking import template, and are getting this issue when we fully track the finished goods and would like to create another tracking for a quantity that exceeds the plan quantity.

The import works when creating for the first & 2nd time but as soon as you create another tracking quantity that exceeds the plan quantity it throws the error Field TCTRNUM:Mandatory Field.

V12 Patch 25.

How does one go about resolving this error?

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    Hi Tebogo,

    This is a known issue with P25 and a fix has been provided in P28 (2021 R4) The fix is to change the field TCTRNUM to a non mandatory on screen MTKBENCHI. 

    You can do the same in your patch level as a workaround, make sure you revalidate all the required windows and entry transactions after the change. Once the customer is upgraded to P28 or the above patch, this fix will be applied part of the upgrade.

    May I please ask you to test this in a test folder before applying to LIVE system. If you have any questions then please contact us for more info.

    Kind Regards


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    I did...

    Development -> Screens -> Screens: MTKBENCHI
    Field: TCTRNUM
    Change "Mandat" to No

    Got several errors like "Fields CCE1: Undefined parameter FCY"
    For each CCE field, under Type, clicked Parameters then OK.
    Then was able to save without errors and the import worked.

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