sage x3 V11 - MRP no generating POS suggestions to cover firm or planned work orders.

We have an issue with MRP (sage x3 v11) in that for some work orders the system is not generating the relevant POS for the components despite the demand being seed (MWS) within the plan... see example below


when pivoted for in/out movements you can see it's the demand from the initial WO that throws it out:

this item has a EOQ of 5k and a technical lot of 1k.  no coverage.

As above the end net requirement is <0 which is obviously incorrect.

This doesn't happen with all WO's, but I'm unable to find a common factor... some have replan suggestions, others dont.  some are allocated, others are not.

I suspect it's something to do with periods & the MRP2 (replan) settings.. but I've played with these to no avail.

Has anyone else had something similar who can point me in the right direction?

cheers. James