Exporting all Data From X3


Hi im wondering if anyone can help, is there a way of extracting all financial data from the X3 system to keep for reference e.g csv file, we are moving awaty from x3 and i need to get the data for my finance team

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    There is nothing provided out-the-box to export all data, however there are a plethora of ways to extract data from X3.   

    I would strongly advise you to engage your local Sage X3 support organisation to discuss your requirements and make sure you get everything you need.   Regardless of any method you employ to extract the data you need, you would probably want to do a full SVG export of all the data and get a copy of the complete LIVE folder, so you could if needed reconstitute your X3 data into a new X3 system as a last resort should you miss some vital data.

    It might also be worth enquiring if there are any routines already available to convert data from Sage X3 to your target new system, perhaps someone may have something written already.

    You can use one or more of the options:

    - Export to excel directly from SQL Server SSMS i.e. dump all data from relevant tables into XLS files

    - Setup a report destination to be XLS format, then you can dump any report to an Excel file.  It's not "pure" XLS data as it includes page headings etc. but may be enough for you to grab whatever you need.  

    - Write a requester and use the Global Export to CSV option to dump out the results.

    Of course all the above options needs knowledge of exactly what data you will need immediately and in the future, and also knowledge of from this data is available from within X3, hence my initial recommendation to you.

    There may be some other ways I can't immediately think of, but hope this gives you some ideas at least.

    Hope this helps, but any comments or suggestions from anyone else welcomed. 

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    Hi ,
    We're really sorry to see you moving away from Sage X3.

    If I may ask what led to it ? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I'm just curious Slight smile

    I think you need to start by defining "all financial data". If I were to take it from the stand point of a new customer coming to X3 and preparing data migration, we usually define the list of documents we need and ask the initial system to export it for us. You'll definitely need some equivalent sooner or later unless the future system get some kind of transformation gateway that can automate some of it for you.

    I'm not sure my boss will be happy to see me helping you leaving Sage X3, but:

    - 90% of X3 data model can be found on the online help:


    Although they are from the V6 days (2010), the main data model hasn't evolved drastically.

    - You can use the native export models that are designed per X3 objects (documents), although it can be a little bit long in terms of processing time if you have large data volumes.

    Like Mike mentioned, you can also export data from SQL Server to Excel (if not using Oracle), but it is a bit technical as you need to register the OLEDB drivers for your version of Excel, and filter all tables for a given database schema (X3 folder).

    In any case, I would advise you to keep a database back up and a folder export just in case.