import a new order line with a specified SOPLIN line number


I am trying to add a new sales order line via import while specifying a SOPLIN number, but X3 ignores it and generate a new one.

I want to insert new imported lignes between existing lines.  I wonder if it is possible ?



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    Hi Julien,

    I tried to add SOQSEQ field but didn’t change the result.

    What you mentioned from the help works perfectly in case of an update of an existing SOPLIN number.

    But it doesn’t work if I assign a new value to SOPLIN that doesn’t exist. In this case, X3 ignores the value of SOPLIN and generates a new one. I guess functions in Tableaux code overwrites the SOPLIN value

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    Then I don't have the answer. I usually don't include SOPLIN in the import template to let the system increment each line.

    As a workaround (not ideal), it seems according to the on-line help that you can delete an existing line by entering quantity zero. hence by deletting all lines below the line you want to insert and then re-create the lines after that, you would achieve the same result - with much effort -. Or closing the line can be an option as well:

    Problem would be if the line to delete / close are already in progress or allocated....

    Else a development would be required to change the standard behavior and I will let the technical people take over from here. 

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    The wording in the help file is slightly ambiguous, you cannot specify SOPLIN values for creation, this is automatically assigned by the Supervisor (TABLEAUX.adx) process which managed the lines within the screen SOH4. Within the import template, under label IMPORT, there is a section that if a SOPLIN value is specified, it will determine the position within the grid (SOH4) and then modify the existing line and set the UPDFLG on the line to 1. In the event that the SOPLIN is not found within in the grid of screen SOH4, the line is inserted in position [M:SOH4]NBLIG and the CREFLG will be set to 1. Within the INIMOD_LIG label of the TABLEAUX process, SOPLIN will be assign a value of nolign*1000 upon modification of the record.