Selection Memos


I know there is a setting to prevent users to create a Global Selection memo. I'm wondering if this is blanket across all users or whether you can define a particular user who can create global memos?

The reason I ask is that a lot of users have created personal memos and made them global - therefore causing a lot of unnecessary noise under the selection part of the right list.

However we may still want select users to create global memos where we believe they will be useful.

Thanks in advance

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    Hi KatesKZ, 

    From Sage X3 help:

    Parameter FORGLO concerns the Memo Formula code. It manages the creation and use of Memos for a given screen field.

    There are two possible values for this parameter:
    Yes: A user can create a global Memo available for all users. 
    No:  A user cannot create a global Memo. When a Memo is created, it is only available to the current user.

    Level of localization/Global variable

    This parameter is defined at the level User. It belongs to Chapter TC (Common Data) and the Group INT (User interface)

    You could enable certain users to create global memos, and disable this for the rest.

    Please, let me know if this helps you.