Access Violation at address 1F6F4B67 in module 'eware.dll' . Read of address 00000004

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Wanting to bring this very unique error to light. 

Our BP was getting this error message from the Reports menu, in CRM 2023 R1.2 when they exported to XLSX/Excel CSV/CSV  error as follows:

The same report printed fine to screen and PDF.

The system logs didn’t report anything neither did the Tomcat log.  Interactive Dashboard worked fine. 

We had searched KBs and looked everywhere. With very little success. 

So here is my reminder to not overlook your historical cases for keywords on what you might be experiencing. We found the exact solution to this case from a previous colleague who had the same issue.

Ultimately the issue is caused due to duplicate currency symbol in currency table. For this client , not sure why there 2 rows in currency table with same symbol. This is causing issue in the meta-data specifically from Sage CRM.

To resolve this issue from administrationArrow forwardData management Arrow forward Currency we changed AUD to AUSD. This screen will never pick base currency (confirmed using SQL profiler), hence we are good to change this – we do not have option to delete any currency.

As soon as, we do this without meta-data refresh etc, orders and quotes are working now. Export to excel issue is also resolved with this. For export to excel I think this is affecting as most of the view are having currency field included.

I wasn’t expecting that to solve the problem, but somehow it did!!

I belive it is vital for us to continue to keep records of things and you never know when something so unique and obscure might happen to someone else.