Controlling E-mail Forward and Reply Translations

2 minute read time.

Sage CRM has its own internal e-Mail client that allows users to create, send and manage emails entirely within CRM.

The image above shows a list of communications for a company that includes emails that have either been been created by the Sage CRM internal E-mail client or have been filed automatically within Sage CRM by the Advanced E-mail Manager.

In this article I want to consider how you can edit the default translations used to provide the text used in Sage CRM's internal e-mail client as e-mails are replied to and forwarded.

Consider this email screen.

The internal e-Mail client allows the user to forward or reply to the email directly from within the Sage CRM interface.

If the 'Reply' button is clicked this is the default screen that is shown:

If the 'Forward' button is clicked then a similar screen is produced.

The two screens look very alike with the difference that the 'To' address has been automatically completed when the 'Reply' button is clicked. Other than that the two responses have similar information automatically included in the outgoing email body. And this is the point of the article. What determines the text that is automatically included?


-----Original Message-----
From: Susan Maye
Sent: 08/19/2014 2:53 AM
To: Simon Yaltoy



If you are ever left wondering what controls a feature in Sage CRM and that you can not find an option for it within the Administration screens then it is a pretty good bet that Translations or Custom Captions are used to control it.

And this is the case for the Reply and Forward text.

If you search under the Translation area you will find the captions that can be changed to control the text used in the responses.

For the Reply and Forward text there are three important translations which are the email's subject , plain text body and HTML body.

Reply text

  • Caption Family: Email
  • Caption Code: replysubjtempl
  • Caption Family: Email
  • Caption Code: replytemplate
  • Caption Family: Email
  • Caption Code: replytemplatehtml

Forward text

  • Caption Family: Email
  • Caption Code: forwardsubjtempl
  • Caption Family: Email
  • Caption Code: forwardtemplate
  • Caption Family: Email
  • Caption Code: forwardtemplatehtml

These translations can be edited to allow the captions used to be changed according to business needs.

You could change the text separator used, the order of fields include or which fields are included from the original communication. The use of the ## merge fields is similar to the usage made in e-Mail templates and within some of the workflow action defintion screens.