Manually updating the Tomcat version

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Customers can manually update the version of Tomcat installed with Sage CRM.

Sage updates software components due to functional changes or due to security requirements.  Sage has tested and approved the Tomcat versions supplied with Sage CRM.  Tomcat is installed as part of Sage CRM and changing it independently of an upgrade is not supported nor recommended.

However, should a customer have vulnerability concerns and make the decision to update Tomcat, they can do so by making the following changes.

Manually upgrading Tomcat.

This procedure should be performed on the Tomcat installation, on the application server.

Each CRM instance has it own Tomcat in the <CRMInstance>\Tomcat folder.

  • Download the required 32-bit version of Tomcat from 
  • Stop IIS
  • Backup the exist Tomcat folder (simple Copy and Paste)
  • Copy the bin and lib folders from the download files and copy into the CRM Tomcat folder (Replace the files in the destination)
  • From the downloaded files, copy the content from conf folder, EXCEPT the server.xml and web.xml files.  (Replace the files in the destination)
  • Restart IIS

Note : This method does not update the Tomcat version description used in the Services application.

Should you wish to update the description in the Services application, you will need to update CRMService.bat file with the new description ie “Apache Tomcat 9.0.75”

  • Open file explorer and navigate to the bin folder within your Sage CRM installation folder.  In the CRMINSTANCENAME\tomcat\bin folder open the CRMService.bat file in note pad and update the description as below.
    --Description "Apache Tomcat 9.0.75 Server -" ^ cd

  • Open to the command prompt, enter:  cd  C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRMINSTANCENAME\tomcat\bin
  • Then type CRMService.bat remove CRMINSTANCENAMETomcat9

v23Rone1 is the instance name used in the below examples.

  • Then type CRMService.bat install CRMINSTANCENAMETomcat9

How to check your Tomcat version.

To check your current version of Tomcat

  • Open file explorer and navigate to the bin folder within your Sage CRM installation folder.                  Copy the full path i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\ CRMINSTANCENAME \tomcat\lib
  • Open to the command prompt, enter:  cd  C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRMINSTANCENAME\tomcat\lib)
  • Then type java -cp catalina.jar org.apache.catalina.util.ServerInfo