Tomcat Troubleshooting Guide for Sage CRM - updated 2020 (Step 4 of 6)

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This section will handle the Tomcat/SDATA Redirection 

Step 4. Verify your redirection in IIS. Go to IIS and click on the sdata sub-domain under your CRM domain. This by default is the Default Web site and the sdata sub-domain should be at the bottom.

Now click the URL Rewrite feature in the IIS section

In this window we can see what port the sdata sub-domain is redirecting to

We can see here that my port currently is 10002. We should then verify to see if Tomcat is running on the same port as this.
We need to open the server.xml file in the Tomcat directory, here [CRM install directory]/[CRM instance]/tomcat/conf , and verify this file. Find the section that reads, "Connector port="[port number]"". This port number should match the port number from the IIS redirection. 

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