• Add Screen to Panel does not work

    Hi all. I am trying to add the Web Picker Opportunity to this screen.My page returns Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. The one in bold returns the error : public override void BuildContents() { AddInfo($"My Company ID id : {_sCompanyId…
  • Custom ASP Page Error

    Hi all, I am building a custom asp page to run in CRM but when i open the page on the application I get the following error : Class: CRMWrapper - Method: ExecWebPageNew - Error: The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest. (Exception from…
  • Additional fields moved when Promoted to ACCPAC

    Hello, can move additional fields (like: Mobile Number) from CRM to ACCPAC when promote to Customer ? I use Sage CRM 7.1 and Sage ACCPAC 6.0A Regards,
  • How to get current user id (Logged in User Id) ?

    Hi all, I am creating one Html button on create new opportunity screen. when i click on Find button i am opening one popup window to find company In popup window i need to have current User id so that based on logged in user's territory we can have…
  • SAGE CRM Integration failed to update CRM

    Hi, I installed Integration component for SAGE ERP ACCPAC 5.6 to integrate ERP and CRM. It installed sucessfully.But when i add new customer in ERP, it failed to update CRM.It shows the following error message. Description: Failed to update SageCRM…
  • How to create pages in CRM 7.0

    Hi, How to add our asp.net page in CRM screen. What are the steps to do it? Give a detail explaination for this. Please do the need ful
  • How to integrate SAGE CRM 7.0 with SAGE 300 ERP 6.0

    Hi, Any one please let me know how to integrate the SAGE CRM 7.0 and SAGE 300 ERP 6.0. And point out the procedure to integrate erp and crm. Thanks.
  • Is there anyway to style a list you create on the Self Service page?

    Hi Community, I have been working on displaying some info on a self service page and at the moment, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to style the list I create. I assume the eWare.css does not effect the following: <% NewList = eWare.GetBlock…
  • How to create custom asp page with two buttons --> 1. Add 2. Edit

    I want to create custom asp page which will be called on button click. asp page should contain two buttons 1. Add --> click on this will open new asp page 2. Edit --> click on this will open new asp page Thank you.
  • add link image to panel or screen

    Hi How can i do this in .net SDK i try but not work
  • I have questions as following

    Hello! I have questions as following 1. I can see Orders and Quotes in Customization (in Administration) like the image after installing 7.1h version Demo. But I can't find them(Orders and Quotes) after bought and installed 7.1h official version. We don…
  • how to add the asp file in Escalation Customization

    How add the Escalation Customization to add the asp file and how it's works
  • How to set SSA field value in entry screen page?

    Hello. I have an entry screen which is used in many places. The SSA field data inside the screen will also flexible to the place. e.g: Payment entry page. It can be open by click "New" button in MainMenu. The page will keep all field blank. One more…
  • Why my Custom Content field can content only a few line of script ?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me why my Custom Content field in screen design page can content a few line of script? I cannot even past all script get from community. Is it has field length limitation of this Custom Content can be set to more or less? Best…
  • How to add or remove tab from MyCRM

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how can i removed existing tab away from MyCRM or TeamCRM ? and How to add a tab for custom Entity in those two main menu tab too. Thank. /Sokheng