Making use of Wildcards in your Reporting Trees

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Reporting Trees is a feature of the Financial Report Designer, and allows you to model organisational hierarchies based on the structure of your business.   You can then filter your layouts by the different units in your trees to view your data in ways that make sense to you. Sage Intelligence makes use of wildcards to easily define your Reporting Tree units.   For example, a question mark can be used as a placeholder for a single character in an account segment, like ????_2D00_100_2D00_10, and can also be used in conjunction with another wildcard character.
This functionality has been enhanced over different releases of Sage Intelligence, and to help you understand what applies to you, we've created the Reporting Tree Wildcard Matrix. You can get a copy of it here. Once open, select the Core Version that applies to you and the associated Wildcard details will be displayed.   If you don't know what Core Version you're on then don't worry as the steps to finding out are also provided in the workbook.