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  • Bank Reconciliations

    My bank reconciliation is out, can I go back and re-reconcile an account? Also, we have EFT payments that get removed from the bank at the end of one month, but don't come out of our account until the early days of the next month on Sage. This is due…
  • Import into CM

    Is there a way to import transactions into Sage 300 CRE CM module? With the number of accounts and transactions we post manually it's quite cumbersome to go in and out of each bank account.
  • Cash Management

    Is there a check box sonmewhere to automatically post entries in Cash Management (CM)? I had that option, got a new computer and now do not have it. I have to manually post entries. Any suggestions??
  • Wire Fees posted through Job Cost are not showing in Cash Management

    We used a Job Cost Direct Costs Journal entry to post a wire fee to one of our jobs. The fee correctly posted to the GL, but when we attempt to complete our monthly bank rec, the wire fee is not showing. How do we ensure the wire fee is recorded in Cash…
  • Creating Deposit for Bank Account Funding

    Organizational structure consists of two companies, Company #1 and Company #2. Last year we switched bank accounts from Bank #1 to Bank #2 for our Checking and Health Reimbursement Accounts. Company #1 did not have any remaining checks for the old bank…
  • Best Practice for Setup for Cash Account

    Hi, We have cash accounts set up that haven't had balances in years on our GL and Cash Management. Can we rename and reuse these accounts? What is the best practice, please? Thanks, Cathé Young
  • Duplicate Check Numbers

    Last month I purchased 1000 checks for my Accounts Payable through Deluxe and spent a considerable amount of money. Opened the new box to use, and trying to print accounts payable checks and unfortunately unable because there are duplicate checks from…
  • Is it possible to add and remove columns in the CM Edit Register?

    I noticed Electronic Payments appear in Edit Register as a number instead of the vendor name in the Description field. I'd like to add a Vendor column if possible.
  • Cash Management Entries to import into CM Module in Sage 300 CRE

    Our office manually keys in a number of transaction daily into the CM module. I was wondering if there is a way to import transactions directly to the cash management module.
  • Cash Management Register's Posted & Reconciled, But General Ledger didn't catch transaction.

    I have Cash Management register (CM) matching the bank account. The General ledger (GL) didn't pick up this transaction. CM is reconciled. how would I add this to GL and keep everything balanced? last time this happened, I had to do a funky chicken…
  • Bank account created in CM is not showing in AP when trying to generate crystal reports.

    We have created a new bank account in CM module and the transactions are correct going but when trying to generate crystal report in AP module the particular bank name is not listed.The CM and AP module details and not sync. In order to generate crystal…
  • Cash Management and Bank Reconciliation Hints and Tips

    The ‘Book Balance’ is the balance in Cash Management Module. It is not the General Ledger balance in General Ledger. The Bank Balance (Book Balance) calculated in Reconcile Bank Accounts is the sum of any beginning balance entry made in Cash Management…
  • CM Posting Issue

    Hi, We seem to have an issue where we posted a CM entry (10158) and it appears in the GL, but not in CM. This is causing our reconciliation to not tie out. In CM Batch 10158: GL Batch 10158: Does anyone know what the issue is or how to…
  • The Withdrawal Register Report in CM does not total correctly.

    The Withdrawal Register Report lists the transactions, but some of the items listed are not included in the total. There does not seem to be a pattern in the items not included in the printed total. Has anyone else experienced this? I opened the report…
  • Closed Bank Accounts and how to remove them?

    Is there a way to "close" a bank account so it doesn't show up on reports? We have a few accounts that have been closed in the last year and they keep showing up on reports. I also have the conversion bank account that I would like to get rid of if I…
  • Cash Management out of balance with GL

    When I run a CM Summary report the difference between several cash accounts in CM and the corresponding accounts in GL are out of balance substantially. I have no idea how to even begin to find what the problem is. Help is appreciated.
  • Can cash management be used during a check run?

    Hello, For years, we have not allowed Cash Management to be used to during check runs. Supposedly, it can cause some type of problem. Is this still a known issue? We are currently using version 18.2.2. Thank You, Raymond
  • Exporting Check Information from Multiple Bank Accounts at Once for Positive Pay

    We are trying to streamline the Positive Pay process. Is there any way to run a CASH MANAGEMENT Inquiry/Report of all entries (checks) cut across ALL bank accounts with a filter (i.e. date range). Currently we are only able to run the inquiry one…
  • Cash Management Setup For Prior Date

    Previous bookkeeper setup CM bank accounts and used the reconciliation process for a few years, then quit keeping it up to date. How can I start using again and bring it up to date? Can I start reconciliation for previous year?
  • I can not find this task available to add - Reprint Bank Reconciliation

    Looked in Cash Management to add the Reprint Bank Reconciliation task but it is not in the list. I am on Sage 500 2015 version. I do have the ability to add tasks to the task menu.
  • How to correct duplicate Misc. Cash Receipt entry

    The same Misc. Cash Receipt was entered twice, on different dates. Since it was not payment towards an AR customer account, how do you correct the duplicate entry?
  • Cash Receipts

    I entered at cash receipts in AR - i thought i had post to GL and CM turned off - it is not hitting the GL, but it is posted in the CM Reg, I deleted it thru AR Adjust Receivables - but it is still showing up in the CM reg??
  • Clearing Transactions for Reconciliation

    Regarding the Reconcile Checking Account tab, I know that I am supposed to check off those checks that have cleared the bank, however do I also check off other non-check related transactions from the list if the bank statement I have states that those…
  • Add beginning cash balance to GL

    We purchased another company in October, and I am working on integrating all their accounting into BusWorks effective Jan. 1. How can I add the book beginning balance to the GL account for the acquired company's bank account? I see the way to enter…
  • The bank cashed a payroll check for more than the check value. How do I reconcile?

    I have an issue reconciling my payroll bank account. My employee cashed a payroll check for $50 more than the value printed on the check. How do I reconcile?