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  • Inventory Items

    Hi, I buy and sell finished goods. I want to set up my inventory items but would like to know the difference between inventory described as for purchases and for sales?
  • How can we add a customer purcahse order to the Customer Statments

    I see no option to add a customer purchase order or order number to the Customer Statements? Am I missing something? I need both the invoice number AND the customer order number to print on the statements, when I go to modify the columns the order…
  • Remove unposted import into Job Cost module

    I have to import weekly from our payroll software to the Job Cost module. Before I posted, I realized there was an error. How do I remove the import so that I can pull in the new corrected one?
  • Interfacing with Sage's Pervasive SQL Instance

    We've been trying to access our on premises Sage 300 CRE server over SQL without luck. It throws Btrieve Error 35 "The Btrieve file directory is invalid" every time I try to connect with Dbeaver using the Pervasive JDBC drivers. I don't see anything that…
  • 24.1 - 64-bit ODBC just for Crystal? Outdated Java in PSQL updated finally? FIPS still not compatible? Syslog integration?

    Question 1: 24.1 - So I see ya'll finally added 64-bit ODBC in some form, the documentation says for Crystal Reports. Is this a full implementation so if I update ours from 23.2 to latest 24.1 can I finally switch our users out to the 64-bit version…
  • Overriding expiration date in PO Receipt of Goods

    Is there any way to trigger a warning - or outright disallow - overriding an expiration date for an inventory item during PO Receipt of Goods? If the lot in question has already been received and exists in history, the expiration date automatically populates…
  • Where in the HRMS database does it store the information to know which page to display an attachment?

    In HRMS there are several screens that can have attachments added to them (leave, events, OSHA, etc.). If we want to write a report on the attachments only on a particular screen, where in the database is that information stored? There does not appear…
  • P&L Report

    I am brand new to Sage 300, and I am trying to figure out how to run an over all monthly P&L , and then a breakdown monthly P&L by department. Can anyone tell me the steps how to do this? I greatly appreciate any help
  • Importing Kit Item Code Components

    I had an issue with running a VI job to import components for kits in the past, but now I am drawing a blank on why the import is not running correctly. It looks like the import is finding the kit item code but not finding it when it goes to import the…
  • Undo old bills

    Is there a way to undo more than just the most recent client bill?
  • Business Vision and ODBC

    Hi, We have Business Vision installed locally and we<d like to connect to the tables. Can we use ODBC^ Or any other way possible as long as we can pull data's. Not change only get information from it. Thanks Chris
  • asset not found

    I have an asset on the Net Book Value report, yet when I try to dispose of that asset, it says asset not found.
  • Has anyone noticed that when creating a support ticket on the Partner Portal that the most recent Sage 100 version is 2022?

    I just created a helpdesk ticket, and here is the pull-down list for Sage 100 versions: Call me crazy, but shouldn't 2023 and maybe even 2024 be on that list? Side note: when creating this post on Sage City (or whatever they call it now), I am forced…
  • Credit Card Transactions

    I have used Sage for many years but never downloaded my bank transactions. Can you download individual bank transactions by logging in on any given day? If so, would this work for downloading credit card transactions also?
  • Turning Daily Time into Pay Records

    We have recently updated to sage 26.1.54, and we are having an issue when creating timecards from Daily payroll entry. The system is only allowing 50 records at once. This is troublesome when we sometimes have almost 200 employees and multiple lines to…
  • Check Stubs

    Does Sage have the capability to store/email check stubs?
  • Total # of AP Invoices | Performance Management

    I am wanting to run a report to show total # of invoices entered through accounts payable module. Is this possible? How do I go about doing this? TIA
  • When do summary fields update with the latest transactions?

    I am trying to identify when the summary columns (such as JTD_Labor_Dollars_Paid or JDT_Material_Dollars_paid') get updated? I can see the Labor or Materials transactions come into the JCT_CURRENT__TRANSACTION file, and I can add them up to compute a…
  • Sage 50 Cannot open the database because the database engine reported an error (with error log)

    Upgraded SSD and tried to transfer files over. All the sage files work except for this one. How can I get support for this? Running on 2020 Sage 50 Pro Accounting. This is the error log I am getting: ----------------------------------------…

    We now use ADP for our payroll and I am trying to get the g/l exchange import transactions to work, but I am unsuccessful. They have the requirements of columns etc, but I am getting an error 'entry number is required' on every line in the test import…
  • Restore Backup

    I am trying to restore a previous version but when I click restore Sage shuts down. I have tried restarting and shutting down. Closing the program and reopening but the same thing keeps on happening. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?
  • -1 on sales glitch

    Hello, I have encountered a glitch where I have an inventory item showing as -1 on sales in one of my locations. Does anyone know how to clear this back to zero? I can't find where this is coming from. Thank you John scan_20240603090730.p…
  • Error during data import on PO Receipt and OE Shipment

    Hi all, I am trying to import PO receipt and OE shipment to Sage 300. However facing this error, the message is too general. Then the Visual studio debugger popped up. How can I know what is the cause of it and solve it? Thank you
  • How to change the (AP) posting date on a batch that I posted yesterday in Sage 100?

    I've made 63 entries with the wrong posting date, but I already closed out (posted) my batch yesterday. The only way I know how to fix that is to create a credit invoice for each one and then re-entering all the invoices with a .1 or an 'a' or something…

    I am trying to make a payment to an invoice, however, when I am in the payment batch and select the vendor the invoice(s) I want to pay says "pending". In instances like that it's normally because the invoice is already selected in a payment batch but…