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  • Sage X3 plugin for eclipse

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to use Sage X3 plugin with last versions of eclipse but I can't install it. Last eclipse working version is eclipse 2021-03. I would like to use Sage X3 plugin on 2024 version of eclipse in order to use some AI plugins that only…
  • HRMS 2024 Quarterly Update Schedule

    Is there a post on the expected Release Dates for the HRMS/ESS updates in 2024?
  • Sage 300 CRE 24.1 Update 2 Workstation Version Question

    We got the notification yesterday that 24.1 Update 2 was available and resolved an issue in Aatrix. This is a similar issue to what we were experiencing so I took the office down this morning and ran the update on the server first then on the workstations…
  • SIMPLE TIME ENTRY: New installations of the AADAP proxy fail or hang and never complete

    Hi There, I just switched over from perpetual license to subscription based on the selling fact that I would have access to the Simple Time Entry Modul and the related mobile app. Well as per this article, the mobile app hasn't been working for new…
  • Sage 50 version 2018

    Bonjour, J'ai changé d'ordinateur et réinstallé Sage 50 version 2018, mais il ne répond pas ! Est-ce qu'il y a une mise à jour que vous pourriez me suggérer ou un procédure spéciale Merci Gilles N
  • Sage 50 2023.3

    Good morning. Might anyone have a link available for the 2023.3 update? I have a client using this version, and she won't give me admin access and I only have 2023.2 version installed in our office. The chat assistance said he is unable to send me anything…
  • Canadian Sage 50 2024.2 update

    Tried to install the 2024.2 update but it says it can't do it because the program itself is installed in the wrong place. Glitch? Never had issues before, and no problem installing the 2024.1 update.
  • Q1, 2024 HRMS/ESS update

    I am clicking on the link in downloads to access the Q1, 2024 HRMS/ESS update and getting a message the document is unavailable. It is doing the same when I try to access directly from my downloads page. How else can this be accessed?
  • 2024 Iowa W-4 changes. Is Sage 300 CRE set up to accommodate?

    Iowa has changed their W-4 for 2024. They no longer use personal allowance. They now use dollar amounts. Does anyone know if Sage 300 CRE has been set up to accommodate this? If so, is there any information available about the changes?
  • Precheck register not showing data in the footer since update

    We did the Q1 2024 update today and now it seems the Precheck register and Payroll register isn't coming out the same as it did last week. With the crystal updates am i missing something that needs to change? I know something went from 7.3 to 8.0 do we…
  • Problem with tax withholding info for Arkansas

    In my Sage-Maintained Payroll Formulas, I cannot save the ARSIT 24 as a filter on the Payroll Tax Report. The message says that "TAXABLE_GROSS" must appear in the formula. Doesn't this formula come from Sage? The latest tax service I have installed is…
  • Lien mise à jour 2024.1

    Bonjour, Je cherche à mettre à jour la version Sage d'un second utilisateur dans mo entreprise. Est-ce que l,un d'entre vous sait comment je peux trouver le lien de la mise à jour 2024.1? Un grand merci.
  • V12 : ADC with Telnet

    Hi, Does anybody know if telnet (VT220) is still compliant with V12 ? We made a lot of developments in the previous version and we would like to keep them, at least for a few months after the migration to V12. Thank you
  • Sage HRMS Q1 2024 is now available!

    We are excited to announce our Q1 2024 additions and enhancements to the web version of Sage HRMS! We hope you are enjoying this new experience of being able to work from anywhere, anytime to maintain your employee’s data. What's new? Legislative…
  • aatrix tax update

    I can normally do aatrix tax updates automatically but that is not working, when I go to download it wants me to go the aatrix website and do the quarterly download, but I don't see that option anywhere. Anyone have a solution for this?
  • Indiana Tax Update 2024

    When will tax updates for Indiana be released?
  • Updates

    I have 2021 SP11, what update should I get next?
  • Payroll

    I am trying to update Aatrix, and I get a message as follows: Failed to move file AATRIXFORMS.EXE with return code The process cannot access file because it is being used by another process. Can someone please tell me what's going on? We upgraded…
  • How do I know if I have the most recent Tax Tables for Payroll

    Please advise how I can tell if the payroll has the updated Tax calculations?
  • Update?

    Hello I keep getting this banner when i go to send email invoices: "This release of Sage 50 will stop supporting Invoice Payments in 26 days. You must upgrade to the latest release to use this feature" I go to the "help" menu, click on "Check for…
  • Activation Error

    Hello, What is the reason why our sage accounting is need to activate even though are license is for lifetime use, then when I try it to activate its take much time but in the end ill received a message said:
  • Sage 2023 Upgrade SP3 attempted reverted back to Sp1 with no SQL security integration Issues

    I upgraded a client from 2022 to 2023 SP3 at the time with the SQL security integration and had issues. So I restored the data, uninstalled V2023 Sp3 and put SP1 on with no integration. Now we are running into issues with BI and Customer account code…
  • They've arrived! Get your Sage 500 ERP Product Updates

    We are pleased to announce the release of: Sage 500 ERP 2023 Product Update 3 (2023.3) Sage 500 ERP 2021 Product Update 6 (2021.6) Sage 500 ERP 2019 Product Update 10 (2019.10) What's New Information about these releases can be found in…
  • Multiple software upgrades

    We have been using SAGE 50 for many years at my company, and we updated to cloud about 3-4 years ago. On my work laptop I have Sage 50 2021 throught Sage 50 2024 (4 versions) installed. I have just been updating with the suggested updates every year…
  • Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011

    I purchased Sage Peachtree First Accounting 2011 10 years ago. My computer crashed so I installed this program on my new computer. It won't let me open the program until I enter a registration number and customer ID. I do not have this information. Sage…