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  • Bank Holiday Pay dates

    If you're paying your employees on a different date to usual, for example a day earlier to account for a Bank Holiday, you still submit your FPS as normal. The key is to ensure you still enter the usual date that you pay your employees. Read more >
  • Stay on top of important notices

    You can receive P9 notices to change employee tax codes using the HMRC Mailbox then automatically update your employee records. Read more >
  • Key dates for payroll year end

    Stay ahead of important dates and deadlines over payroll year end, and mark your diary with confidence. Simply click the dates on the calendar to find out more >
  • Sage 50 Payroll - New Home Page

    Sage 50 Payroll v30 includes a new Home page, which gives you easy access to a range of useful information. When you first log in to Sage 50 Payroll v30, the Home view appears by default. This is a great way for you to find handy information on…
  • Get Help – Your instant support shortcut

    Instant Answers, Effortless Solutions. No more hunting for answers! With 'Get Help,' all you need is a click of the button or a press of F1, and you're instantly connected to a world of wisdom. 'Get Help' is your go-to companion for quick tutorials…
  • How to identify and process Week 53

    Normally, week 53 occurs if your regular pay date for weekly, fortnightly or four weekly paid employees falls on 5 April. This is because the number of days in the tax year doesn't divide into a whole number of tax weeks. However, in the 2023/2024 tax…
  • Sage HR Leave Management - Prepare for holiday year end

    Do you use the Sage HR Leave Management module ? If your holiday year resets 1 January, there are some steps we recommend you complete before the end of the holiday year. For more information about these checks, visit our Sage HR guide, Prepare for…
  • Your holiday season countdown..

    Unlock a valuable tip each day using our new Festive Calendar. Simply click on the dates as they become available. Open the calendar >
  • Your holiday season countdown..

    Unlock a valuable tip each day using our new Festive Calendar. Simply click on the dates as they become available. Open the calendar >
  • Transfer subscriptions to clients or accountants

    Find out how to transfer subscriptions to a client or an accountant, what happens after you send the transfer request and how to revoke a request if required. Read more >
  • National Insurance changes from the Autumn Statement 2023

    We've published a summary of the National Insurance changes from 6 January 2024 and how they affect Sage 50 Payroll. Read More >
  • Assign clients and prospects to users

    The Assign clients to users option allows you to assign selected clients or prospects to certain users. For example, you might want to create a portfolio of specific clients for some users, or assign a set number of clients to other users. Read more…
  • Know more. Grow more. - Help business flow with bank feeds

    Discover more, watch a video or sign up to a webinar to learn how bank feeds can help take care of your company's financial health. Find out more >
  • Know more. Grow more. - Speed up your payroll with Variance Reporting

    Variance reporting helps you to spot mistakes and unusual changes in your payroll and keeps it error free. Access this time saving feature in your software now. Find out more >
  • Using tooltips to demonstrate the value of your service to a prospect or client

    Tooltips are a great way to save and share nuggets of information that you can use when talking to clients during the proposal stage. Read more >
  • The different pricing types in GoProposal

    There are 4 different pricing types to help you to get the exact prices you want for your different line items. Annual Revenue Prices Factor in the revenue of your clients. Perfect for Annual Accounts. Discover more > Fixed Prices The…
  • Key Dates feature

    Understand how you can set up a key dates table to pull through to your engagement letter including start dates, deadlines and filing dates. Read more >
  • How to set up your letters of engagement

    Go Proposal automates the creation of perfect letters of engagement for every proposal you send to your clients. The GoProposal Help Centre outlines a simple, three step process for setting up letters of engagement: Read more >
  • How will I know when a proposal has been sent or seen by my client?

    When you have sent a proposal to your client, head to your proposal dashboard. The e-mail status updates as a proposal is received , opened or has bounced to your client. Read more >
  • New password requirements

    In v26.2, we're introducing greater security measures. This means when you create a password for a user, to ensure it's secure, it needs to meet certain criteria. Find out more and watch our handy video in our Password requirements guide.
  • AutoEntry Live Service Updates

    For up to date information about any interruptions to service, please check the Sage Status page >
  • Understanding your Dashboard

    Dashboards give us the information we need so we can set targets to stay on track and take action where required. The GoProposal Dashboards give you a breakdown of the following: Total number of Proposals produced Total number of Proposals won …
  • Add or remove a calculation to price up your services

    GoProposal started life on an Excel spreadsheet, but it didn't provide a great client experience when agreeing on fees. The calculations that were used in that spreadsheet were so valuable in achieving the correct price for each service that when GoProposal…
  • Recording sales

    Learn how to issue invoices and record money received in the 'Record Your Sales' support hub. Topics include: Quick entries Sales invoices Quotes and estimates Credit notes Matching invoices to payments and credits Selling overseas Visit…
  • Managing employees

    Learn how to work with new starters, leavers and existing employees in the Manage Employees support hub. Topics include: Dealing with starters Dealing with leavers Customise your employee list Working Patterns Update an employee's tax code…