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  • #value on retained earnings

    I am experiencing a #Value error on the Trail Balance & Balance Sheet when running the financial reports. Any help on how to resolve this? I followed the instructions on the Knowledge base article on importing the financial report designer 1-9(SI) but…
  • Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

    I am moving client from Sage 2020 to Sage 2024 and in doing so the Sage Business Intelligence Reporting has changed and I am looking for find out how to move the templates from BXDATA\SQL folder into new reporting folder. Can anyone let me know the process…
  • How to use sage intelligence reporting with optional fields?

    I want to spool sage intelligence report using optional fields that I created on General ledger instead of using General ledger account or General ledger account segments on sage 300. /resized-image/__size/640x480/__key/communityserver-discussions-components…
  • Pass through variable "Last full month"

    What is the sql statement needed to get the last full month for a pass-through variable. Scenario is: On the 10th of the month, produce a GL detail report for all activity posted in the prior month. As always thanks in advance for your assistance…
  • Sage 300 business intelligence reporting trees

    We have created a report using the trees - which works Now we have another scenaria with organic and non organic stores - the problem here is organic can consist of dept 11, 22,23,30 etc Non organic 12,18,32,etc How can I drag all the trees into…
  • Sage Intelligence and O365 Cloud

    Does anyone know if Sage is planning on supporting Sage Intelligence with O365 Cloud? I have several clients having issues with not being able to use SI with O365 Cloud and needing to install Excel locally. Thanks!
  • Upgrade Sage Intelligence from 2015 Standard to 2023 SQL

    What are the steps to upgrade Sage Intelligence on Sage 100 standard 2015 to Sage 100 2023 Premium (SQL)?
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting - Need currency conversion rate in Sales Master Report

    I'm using "Sales master by Customer and Items" report in Sage Intelligence and I need to see the USD currency customers converted to CAD currency amounts. The report displays all USD vs CAD customers in their own currency but would like to have the USD…
  • Where is the Sage Intelligence workstation setup install registry key?

    There was a scenario that the client didn't uninstall Sage Intelligence workstation setup before their old server was already offline with the new server in place. When the client tried to uninstall Sage Intelligence workstation setup, the program was…
  • Rollup tab overwrites custom tab in Sage Intelligence

    I am creating a new report for a client and after saving and re-running, the first custom tab has been partially overwritten by four columns of CompanyCode, Rollup Type, Rollup Type Description, and Rollup Code. The standard Rollup tab is still hidden…
  • Sage Intelligence - Sales Master Report

    Could we please have an update Sales Master report that includes the Item Category?
  • Sage Intelligence and Office 365

    We are using Sage 500 2018 (v7.9) and we recently upgraded from Office 2016 to Office 365. Now our Accounting department is receiving errors when using Sage Intelligence i.e. Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions1.1.x11 don't match. I have tried to Add the Report Designer…
  • MEIBC BIM Report

    Good day, Apparently there is a new BIM report layout for the MEIBC Bargaining Council File. Why has there been no external communication in this regard? Nothing on Sage City, Support Snippets, Knowledge Base or Release notes. Only after having…
  • Sage intelligence add functions

    SI has a function for "GLActual" that nets the debits and credits. Is it possible to add 2 different functions to get the debit and credit separately? the data exists in the actuals currently included sub report.
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud (SIRC) from the Sage 300 2023 release - Question

    Sage 2023 has not been officially released in Australia yet so I have not checked in the install iteself. In relation to this thread…
  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports? Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?
  • Intelligence stopped refreshing data when changing Period or Year. Any ideas how to fix it?

    Sage intelligence has stopped refreshing when I change the Period or Year. I have formulas linked to a Year and Period so that changing either cell with the Year or Period changes the data to that time frame. It worked fine in a previous report version…
  • Sage 300 Intelligence reporting

    When using Sage 300 webscreens, is there a way to run Intelligence reporting with installing Sage 300 desktop version.
  • How to get inventory ageing report ?

    How to get inventory ageing report in sage 200 evolution?
  • Create company parameter for Intelligence report template used across multiple databases

    We have a client that has several hundred companies in Sage 100. They have a report template that they would like to run individually on each of these companies. The customer owns the Connector module. Using the standard Autoconnect connection in…
  • Breaking Links within Excel Intel Report

    Normally I'm able to hit alt-E-K to eliminate all of the external links and replace with values within a spreadsheet, but no such luck with an Intel report. What steps am I missing? Thanks
  • Accounting Intelligence Reporting Not Working

    Hi All, I work for a group of companies all of which are on Sage One Accounting. When I enter into Accounting Intelligence Reporting and Upload my company data only the following reports work - Financial Management Pack, Dashboard Accounting, Financial…
  • Report search in viewer & Designer

    Anybody know any search report name or report ID feature in Sage Intelligence?
  • Sage Intelligence Report Designer

    Hallo, My sage Intelligence financial report designer does not have ; >Instructions sheet, >Dashboard Sheet, >Also giving me this error #Name . See screen shot below: Also trying to download Report download community this is what am g…
  • GLAccountEvo sums up subaccounts to main account thus inflating the values.

    i have a segmented GL. when running the Business Intelligence reports it sums up the values into the mainsubaccount. This inflates my values. Is there a solution for this or should we use another function if so which one. Tiro