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  • Can't open my Sage Accounting Program

    I cannot open my Sage Accounting software package! When I click on the Icon it doesn't do anything
  • Pastel Xpress Startup 2009

    We lost the CD for Pastel Xpress Startup 2009 and can't find any resource on the web where we can download the setup file. I have even tried the customer zone, but downloads only goes back to Version 14. Can anyone assist with the installation file…
  • When setting up a new business how do I get to the screen where I can enter in all the starting values for assets and accounts?

    How do I get to the screen where I can enter all the startup amounts when beginning a new business?
  • Dabble in Startups But Keep Your Blue Chip Job

    Introduction Over the last little while we’ve lost some people to startups and we’ve hired a number of people away from startups, so what factors are causing this movement? Desire for greater autonomy and more flexibility? Or is it today’s version…