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  • Form 1099-MISC State Payer Box 17 and 18

    BusinessWorks will not let us proceed with processing 1099 form without selecting a state and entering a state payer's number. We do not have state withholding and need to leave these boxes blank. We do not have state withholding account numbers for every…
  • State DE9 Form

    Hi All, My CA state DE9 payroll tax forms are displaying most field correctly except for subject wages being triple what my employees are actually being paid. Support has been no help. Sage maintained and user maintained formulas are all correct. If anyone…
  • Download tax forms

    why doesn't sage have a download function for quarterly 941 forms? This would save so much time and effort when doing audits the following year! Does anyone else find that this function would be worth adding in an update to sage software? The ability…
  • administrative services

    The company does legal services to a certain Lawyers, what will be the name for the companies who give the company 1099-NECs? will be customers or it will be consider professional Income Services? Thank you for any advice.
  • ROE's with RSP's

    I have a problem that when entering the information through Sage for an ROE before uploading to CRA, On the Sage side if an employee has RSP's a portion paid by the Employer, it includes it in the Gross Income when you run reports but the ROE itself excludes…
  • School Tax

    How do I set up the School Tax for the end of the year forms. When I printed out the Employer W2 to send to social security The school tax Wages it added the employee that pays school tax twice.
  • Final Pay period date is wrong can not create ROE

    I can not export an ROE because it says the final pay period is wrong. the last pay period is Feb 25 to March 2nd and his final pay was March 8th (the following Friday) This is correct but it is still telling me its wrong. Can anyone walk me thru the…
  • Aatrix 941-X

    We need to file one, possibly two (more than likely two) revised 941's for a payroll error (voided and reentered in two different accounting periods) that messed with the 941's. I know the W-2's and W3 is correct. However, Aatrix states to only use…
  • Federal W-4 Filing Status

    What is the difference between Married and Married M2 in Sage? Which one would I choose for Married Filing Separately?
  • 1099NEC

    How can I print 1099NEC forms without a payroll subscription?
  • Numéros sequentiels des R1

    Bonjour, Pourquoi SAGE saute de 11 numéros lorsque qu'il génère les numéro séquentiel pour les R1? Je m'explique, J'ai 400 numéros qui me sont attribués pour faire les R1. Mais SAGE saute de 11 numéros à chaque R1 produits (xxxxx550; xxxxx561; xxxx572;…
  • T4 printing problems

    I am in the process of printing 2023 T4's for a client. All have printed correctly except for two employees whose termination dates are in 2023. There are other terminated employees for the same periods who are printing just fine. I can print the T4…
  • W3

    What report can I run to tie into the W-3 form?
  • Help! I cant find payroll account number to print CRA T4s

    Hi Everyone. The clock is ticking to submit T4s to CRA. I cant seem to locate the right numbers to be bale to print T4s and send. It appears I need some kind of 15 digit number ending in RP. Do I manually add the RP when I finally get or find the payroll…
  • How can I remove the BOX 19 from T4 summary this is employer's EI

    Hi, Could you please help me with how to remove the box 19 from T4 summary? Because my employers do not need to pay EI. Thanks.
  • 2023 T4 XML File Error

    We are trying to create the xml file to submit the T4's electronically but the system crashes about 1/3 of the way through the process. We are using a shared remote file.
  • No employees to export?

    Hi I keep getting the error message, "No employees to export" when trying to print T4s. What am I not doing correctly?

  • sommaire R1

    Bonjour, Après avoir remis mon sommaire de fin d'année, j'ai reçu de revenu Qc que certains de nos employé.es ont une sous-cotisation .. Pourquoi ? Malgré que j'ai le même taux pour tout le monde Merci d'avance
  • 2024 Payroll tax forms

    Are the quarterly payroll tax forms for 2024 available, we are not seeing them?
  • How to record reissuance of check from third party (Avid Exchange) refund to not overstate 1099 vendor totals

    My company uses Avid Exchange to cut checks. We have a check that got outstanding for too long and Avid refunded us the money. How do I reissue the check without overstating the vendor totals for 1099 reporting purposes. Here are the problems I came across…
  • Box 87 not automatically entered in T4 through Sage, and CRA requirement to file electronically

    There seems to be no way in Sage to allow for special T4 related payroll entries for Volunteer Firefighters. I need to enter the first $1000 in Box 87 and the remainder of pay in Box 14. This has been fine until this year as CRA is Requiring Electronic…
  • how do I print out an RL 1 for a Quebec vendor that has anT4A

    How do I print out an RL1 for a Quebec vendor that has a T4A
  • T4's won't Print in Sage 50 Canada Edition 2024.1 - Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.

    We are getting the "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application." when trying to print our T4's. We have installed, uninstalled JIT debugging, we have run the .NET Framework Repair Tool and reinstalled windows. We've also uninstalled and reinstalled…
  • T4 2023 Requirements - Box 45 for individual who was no longer an employee on Dec 31

    Hello. As per new T4 2023 requirements, Box 45 should be left blank for the individuals who were no longer an employee on December 31. I can't found the way to leave this box empty. Sage gives me options #1-5 and when I try to delete everything from…