• Tips for creating Visual Integrator Imports into Data Entry files

    1. The first step is to access and implement the following solution found in the Sage 100 Knowledgebase:
      • Solution ID 222924350018068 - How to import into Business Framework data entry files for Sage 100
        • Following the suggestions in this article will help you create a successful Visual Integrator Import job, but there are times when a few adjustments may be needed, which leads to the second step:
    1. The second step…
  • Sage 100 keeps getting better! Version 2024.0 is now available.

    Don’t miss out - Over 80 new features and enhancements have been made to Sage 100 since 2022. 

    Sage 100 2024.0 offers over 20 new updates, designed to extend audit trails, elevate data protection, streamline workflows, and improve automation. Several enhancements resulted from direct customer and business partner feedback. Keep the ideas coming, we are listening.

    Release Highlights – The What’s New in Sage 100 Version…

  • How to use Process Monitor to verify Anti-Virus (including Windows Defender) is not monitoring Sage 100 or Paperless Office PDF files

    Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring application designed to assist in the resolution of various problems encountered in Windows Operating Systems. In relation to Sage 100, it can be used to assist in pinpointing the specific file responsible for an error message, identifying the source of performance issues, and determining the cause of unsuccessful installations and migrations.

    The information below can be used…

  • How to verify the version of TLS (Transport Layer Security) Sage 100 is using to communicate with the Sage License Server

    Sage 100 communicates with the Sage License Server thru the internet to update the Sage 100 expiration date. 

    Upon the notification that Sage will terminate communication at TLS 1.1 and lower in October 2023 and TLS 1.2 level or higher will be required to continue communication with the Sage License Server, Sage Customer Support has received many calls with concerns and how to verify if Sage 100 is communicating with the…

  • Sage 100 Tips & Tricks – Using the View Ribbon

    Did you know that each Sage 100 User can set their own preferences for how Sage 100 appears without requiring administrator rights? The View Ribbon has options to change many aspects of how Sage 100 appears including:

    · Font and Window Size

    · Sorting Modules, Module Menus, and Tasks

    · Desktop Theme

    · Number of Recent Items to Show on Recent Ribbon (2023)

    Changing the Font Size

    On the View…

  • Using the Formula Workshop method to create suppression formulas in SAP Crystal Reports 2020

    Sage recently released SAP Crystal Reports 2020 with Sage 100 2023. Unfortunately, there is an issue on this version that has been reported to SAP where users are unable to save conditional suppression formulas.

    The workaround is to save conditional suppression formulas using the Formula Workshop method.

    The following are instructions for using the Formula Workshop method to create a new suppression formula as well as…

  • Sage 100 Release 2023.0 is available now.

    Sage 100 Version 2023.0 is available now.
  • Using Alias and Alternate Items - Use Case

    Example 8 GB Memory Card for a computer. A customer wants to purchase 8 GB Memory Card(s). However, 8 GB Memory cards are purchased/manufactured, and Item Number assigned based on the manufacturer/brand of the chips on the card. Some customers may have specific requirements for a manufacturer/brand.

    Customers and Sales Reps typically start with the generic requirement of an 8 GB Memory Card, but there may be more specific…

  • Sage 100 ERP - 50% Training Promo - Feb to Mar 2023

    Spring into learning with Sage University, and save 50%

    Promotion details:

    ·       Save 50% on Sage 100 ERP anytime learning courses

    ·       Promotion is valid from February 1 to  March 31, 2023, and Ts & Cs apply

    ·       To enroll in any of the Sage 100 ERP  courses, visit www.sageu.com/Sage100

    ·       Use coupon code Spring2350 at checkout to receive your 50% discount

    New to Sage University?

    Let us guide you through…

  • | Talking CRM 2022 | A free virtual summit covering all things Sage CRM, including working with Sage 100 |

    Talking CRM 2022 is here, a free virtual summit covering all things Sage CRM.

    This year's event will include a session with My CRM Manager, CAT Consulting, Blytheco, Timelinx and more, all of whom talk us through linking Sage CRM to Sage accounting products to achieve so much more.

    Register now: https://lnkd.in/e88JFysf

  • Experiencing FOMO? We have the cure. Upgrade to Sage 100 Version 2022.0 today!

    Sage 100 Version 2022.0 offers over a dozen new features. Improving ease of use and accuracy, increasing productivity, and elevating employee satisfaction.
  • | Integrating Sage CRM and Sage 100cloud | Why it matters to every business |

    With a strong background in Sage 100 and Sage CRM, Sue Dunn has been an advocate for educating prospects and clients on the many benefits of Sage solutions.  In this article, Sue offers up reasons why should you consider investing in a CRM solution, and Sage CRM in particular.


  • Sage 100 in Canada

    Good news is always welcome, and for all my fellow Canadians out there I have some GREAT news, especially if you are looking for accounting software to work with your small / medium businesses!  Sage 100 can work within Canada, with the help of your friendly neighbourhood Sage Partner / Consultant. 

    (Note: by “Sage 100” I am referring to the software formerly known as MAS90 / MAS200 / Sage 100 ERP). 

    Sage 100…

  • Click-to-Pay, Personal Information Encryption, and Lot/Serial Expiry: Introducing Sage 100cloud 2020.0

    In our 2020.0 release of Sage 100cloud, we focused on extending the cloud-connected feature-set, making it easier to customize, improving the user experience, and delivering market-leading tools to support compliance.
  • Our Latest Enhancements for Sage 100 Payroll and Sage 100cloud

    Building on the momentum we have developed through the introduction of more than 100 enhancements since the release of Sage 100 Payroll 2.0, Sage 100 Payroll 2.19.3 aims to help our customers to more easily navigate challenges in four key areas
  • Accuracy, Visibility, and Efficiency: Introducing Sage Production Management

    Sage Production Management gives discrete make to stock manufacturers and fabricators the tools they need to achieve visibility into their entire production process. By centralizing the production process in a way that is tightly integrated with Sage 100cloud, assemblers, manufacturers, and fabricators always know their costs, the status of items, and the material quantities required to meet demand.
  • Our biggest release in years! Announcing Sage 100/Sage 100cloud 2019.0

    Motivated by a clear vision focused on intentionality, simplicity, and user-centeredness, the 2019.0 release of Sage 100cloud aims to help customers to extract more value through features designed to optimize efficiency, improve adoption, increase customizability, and enhanced security and compliance.
  • Discover the power of Sage Contact

    What is Sage Contact?

    Sage Contact is an MS Office 365 Outlook integration, which is included with Sage 100cloud. Sage Contact provides your sales reps with access to key customer information within Outlook 365 (in browser and via mobile), including available credit, outstanding balances, and the number of days it typically takes to settle a bill. Users can click through payment and invoice histories, review recent customer…

  • It's not to late to register for the Sage Summit in San Diego!

    This year's Sage Summit in San Diego (Feb 14 - Feb 15, 2019) offers incredible value for Sage 100 customers.  With a full schedule of sessions designed to help businesses extract more value from their business management software investments, there's so much for attendees to do that it's impossible to do it all.  The biggest challenge for Sage 100 customers in attendance will be choosing between high impact sessions…

  • What's the difference between Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud?

    A lot of folks still aren't entirely clear about the differences between Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud.  In the face of a multitude of misconceptions, we have developed a handy guide that clearly lays out the added value that our hybrid business management solution provides.  

    Looking at today's ERP landscape, it is easy to think that there are only two options: on-premise and cloud.  There is a lot of hype about the…

  • Getting the most out of your Customer Services contact

    Call volumes in January can often result in longer than normal wait times to speak with us. Which is why, when hold times are longer than usual, you may be asked to have your place virtually held in line through our Courtesy Call Back feature. Below are some frequently asked questions—and tips—about Courtesy Call Back:
    1. When will I be called back? 
      If you enter your call-back information, we call you…
  • Introducing Bank Reconciliation and Certified Payroll Reporting for Sage 100cloud

    Today we are delighted to offer Sage 100cloud customers two new features designed to significantly increase their efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. As cloud-connected services, Automated Bank Feed Reconciliation and Certified Payroll Reporting are just the most recent examples of the kind of value that Sage is able to bring its customers as a result a hybrid approach to Sage 100 product development.
  • 2018 - The Year of the Tax Change

    Dateline: Oct 19, 2017 – Sage 100 2018 Released with Payroll 2.17.0

    A brand-new Payroll module on the Business Object Framework.  All new input screens, all new data file structure, all new history files, and perhaps most important of all – a brand-new, cloud-based payroll tax calculation engine that eliminated the need for manual tax table updates. No more backing up data sets to process the current payroll only…

  • Special offer . . . dive deeper into your Sage 100 solution this summer.

    You already own great business software—but are you truly taking advantage of all it has to offer? Make a splash with your productivity this summer by enrolling in Sage University, now available at a special 20% discount.1

    Training: more than just convenient, it’s cost effective

    Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, there’s a class to help make your job easier and ensure you’re fully utilizing…

  • Sage Payroll Services Webinars in May!

    If you’ve ever considered a full-service payroll solution, now is the time to try Sage Payroll Services.

    You’ll save time, hassles, and worries at year-end and every month of the year. It’s the only full-service payroll solution that integrates seamlessly with your Sage 100 software to update general ledger postings electronically.

    Join us on this webcast as we show you what Sage Payroll Services can…