Script Continues to Run after Deleting and Recompiling


I had a script on a Table Pre-Write on the SO Header and I needed to turn it off for a while so I deleted it and recompiled the UDS.  However, on our SO's I still see the output from the script running? Should I add something to the script to not allow it to run or should it be disabled once I delete it?

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    Compile won't remove the script file (mentioned by BigLouie) if there are no scripts left for a business object.  However, I'd hope the CRC in CM_ScriptLink would be edited / removed to basically disable the scripts for that object.  (Note: never edit the "compiled" VBS file directly, which will break all scripts for that object, due to the CRC validation).

    Any time you recompile scripts, the data entry screens need to be reset.

    The way we usually "disable" scripts temporarily is to add a company filter and recompile.

    if oSession.CompanyCode = "TST" then


    end if

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