Hi All. Using Sage 100 2022 Advanced. I am having an issue with the below script where it runs but then fails on objShell.SendKeys"CREATEITEM"&(NRF). It is executing on client side. Note sure where the issue is. Basically it cancels the item maintenance screen, then sends the new item code but then it should enter the verbiage in item code description but it is blank. I even tried removing NRF just in case there was an issue there but it won't even put the static text of CREATEITEM. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

newitemcode = ""
NRF = ""

newitemcode = CI_ItemCode_bus_ItemCodeDesc

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


Set objShell = Nothing

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    I don't think BOI commands will work. If you look at the code above, it cancels the screen and starts a new transaction where I feed the new code. My understanding is once it is canceled, I lose the BOI since it is still running in the same script. Of course I could write to a table and have the user initiate a new instance but I need to do it one click. It worked before so not sure why it is not now.

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