SAGE 100 PREMIUM BOI - Failed to Initialize ProvideX Library

Hello, I am trying to setup BOI (first time trying this) we are running Sage 100 Premium 2021 (ps. this hasn't been tried done before this). I am following along with the Object Interface course from Sage. Im entering the Path to our Sage Folder as stated in the docs

We have two available paths but neither work

C:\Sage\Sage 100 Workstation 2021\MAS90\Home

C:\Sage\Sage 100 2021 Premium\MAS90\Home


Set oScript = CreateObject("ProvideX.Script")
oScript.Init("C:\Sage\Sage 100 2021 Premium\MAS90\Home")

But I keep getting the issue Failed to Initialize ProvideX Library, 80020009

I ran the pvxcom.exe file from where it was located but nothing happens when I run the file

Please guide me as to what I could be missing, I can't seem to get it to work, any and all help is greatly appreciated Slight smile

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