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We use divisions and sometimes the users will copy a previous sales order and change the customer. The problem comes in that items on the sale order are coded to one division and if the new customer is in the different division  it creates a problem with the GL posting.  They want to know if I can write a script so that if the user attempts to change the customer it has to be in the same division as the current customer. So if the order was originally for a customer in division 10 they can only change it to another customer in division 10, they would not be able to change to a customer in division 30.  Would that be possible? Where is Connex when I need him.

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    If the goal is to prevent only if division changes, then the script should go on the pre-validate of the ARDivisionNo column, which also gets set when you change the customer on the screen.

    If you only want this to occur after a copy from, then you'll have to set a flag on a dummy copy from button or something.

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