• Parent Kit Item Missing from ASN in EDI

    Our issue is centered around the ASN missing the item #. All other key information on the ASN is sent from Sage correctly. Here is the current EDI flow: 850 - The order is received with only a parent kit item and sent to Sage where the parent kit…
  • PO_PurchaseOrderDetail_svc - UnitCost rounding

    Hello, I'm having rounding problem issue - in configuration I have decimal precision set to 4, in the Sage 100 (2022 version my PO Item is stored correctly. Unit price for one of the items is 37.5950, but when I get date by PO_PurchaseOrderDetails_svc…
  • Question re: limited rights and Advanced Scripting

    I have a script in purchase order entry that reads a value from the vendor maintenance. If a user has view only rights to vendor maintenance, the script error's out. However if the user has view and modify rights to vendor maintenance, the script works…
  • The Obsolete 5.00 is required

    Getting this really strange error when I try change the phone number for a company in company maintenance. Anyone any ideas?
  • Total getting round off in sales order

    Can anyone please explain why the total is getting rounded off in sales order section
  • BOI Script to create new RMA with items not allow to return.

    I got exception when I use BOI script to enter RMA detail with the item that not allow to return. Does anyone know how to solve it? I want to enter the item to the RMA detail even it is not allow to return. Thanks
  • Make Sales Orders Read Only after entry/pick sheet printed

    Sage 100c 2018 v6.00.10.0 Is there a way to make a Sales Order Read Only after entry/pick sheet printing? Issue: It is a human issue for sure, but sometimes after an order is printed, and even picked, Sales will alter the order. One time an order…
  • Extended Desc checkbox in Sales Order Entry

    Over the past few weeks we have been having issues with the "Extended Desc" box being UNCHECKED on a Line Item in Sales Order Entry, even though the Item Code DOES have and Extended Description. Just a couple weeks ago (January 25, 2022) we were able…
  • inventory Lot numbers

    Is there a way for the person entering the SO to pick the lot number of the item? We are trying to create labels with the customer number, item code, weight and lot numbers before the bill of lading is created. Can the lot number be assigned anywhere…
  • Document is locked and cannot be modified

    Hello, Our company is upgrading to Sage 2021 from Sage 2018, and when we create entries in Shipping Data Entry, we always get a prompt that says "This document is locked and cannot be modified". It prevents writeback to the entry from our 3rd party…
  • Encryption key is invalid

    I tried to enable Paperless and now get the following dialog whenever I try to print anything. I wasn't able to get pass the first step in setting up Paperless. All checkboxes are unchecked and I still can't get by this error. Any ideas?
  • Convert ProvideX TIM to seconds

    Is there a way to convert a ProvideX TIM / TME based value to seconds ? The JUL() function only works with dates. This is how ScriptBasic's TIMEVALUE works. scriptbasic.org/.../ug_25.175.html
  • Windows 10 Update threw off mapped drive for two specific documents

    Ok this is strange (to me) and unlike other mapped drive posts I've seen on here. Windows 10 updates have been putting us in IT through hell in regards to sporadic Sage issues. In this instance, we cannot access 1 of 9 memo attachments for 2 particular…
  • Sage 100 Configuration

    Are there any restrictions how Sage 100 is configured as long as user licensing isn't violated? I'm working on building an installation for Sage 100 cloud hosting that isn't a traditional installation and focuses on maximizing performance in this environment…
  • Sales Order Creation Exception Report Errors

    I used to be able to force orders through with errors, but am now not able to create any order with any kind of error (cross reference, etc.) until it's fixed. Is there a setting I need to change to be able to manually force these through with errors…
  • Transfer GL Codes from one company to another in Sage 100 2020

    Hello, We have two companies under sage 100 2020, is there anyway to transfer GL codes from 1 company to another. Please suggest how this can be done. Thanks in advacne
  • how to turn off the batches sales and po?

    We are trying to update bulk Sale Invoices & Purchase Receipts using Visual integrator, but we have to update batches one by one. Is there a way we can turn off this option for quick and smooth operations?
  • Phone Number Format

    Is there a way to set the format for phone numbers? Each sales person has a different way to enter customer and so we end up writing spaces, dashes, parentheses, etc in the AR_Customer table. I would like to set a format so that all phone numbers…
  • Payroll Subscription for reference library

    The Payroll Subscription Expiration date for my reference library says 12/30/2020. To my knowledge I have paid all my partner fees. I have called SAGE several times and have been unable to get an answer on how I update my Payroll Subscription date…
  • Print product thumbnails in product labels

    Is it possible that we can print product images on product labels? This will help our warehouse workers to identify product when labeling.
  • Max Characters in AR Invoice Number

    Does Sage intend to increase the max number of characters in the AR Invoice Number in an upcoming version of SAGE100? We are less than one year from needing more than 7 characters in our AR Invoice Number. I know that other users have been requesting…
  • Moving Inventory from 000 to 8000 Warehouse - Do i need to change every open PO for Receiving

    Hello - I am moving current inventory out of 000 to another warehouse number . My question is do I need to go into every open PO and change the warehouse number or change I make a preference change?
  • BOI IM Transaction Entry Delete Line

    Have written a BOI app for scanning pallet tags. Tag has Pallet ID No., Item, Lot and Qty. We are doing Sage IM Transaction Entry - Transfers. We are loading product on one of our trucks to go to our distribution center. The app is up and running…
  • c# Sales Order Extended Item Description

    How do I create an Extended Item Desription ?? soLine.InvokeMethod("nAddLine"); soLine.InvokeMethod("nSetValue", "ItemCode$", "NEW IMM"); soLine.InvokeMethod("nSetValue", "QuantityOrdered", qty_p); // DESCRIPTION object[] getIDesc = new object[] { …
  • SO Invoice Entry - Default qty ordered and shipped to 1

    I want to have all SO Invoice lines default to an order quantity of 1 and a ship quantity of 1 (currently the default is zero). This is Sage 100 2019. I wrote the following script and attached it as a post-validation event to the Item Code column, but…