Purchase order inquiry vs Purchase order history inquiry

We have some staff use Purchase order inquiry to review PO and other staff to use Purchase order history inquiry to review PO, some PO amount show different result in Purchase order inquiry vs Purchase order history inquiry, we found these common samples.

1. in Purchase order inquiry or Purchase order history inquiry, the amount show in Lines tab not match the amount in Totals tab.

2. some PO already completed, but in Purchase order inquiry (PO_PurchaseOrderHeader OrderStatus=X), the amount in Totals tab is different from in Purchase order history inquiry (PO_PurchaseOrderHistoryHeader OrderStatus=C) total tab amount. In some case Purchase order history inquiry has freight amount, but Purchase order inquiry freight amount is zero.

3. some PO still open (PO_PurchaseOrderHeader OrderStatus=O), and (PO_PurchaseOrderHistoryHeader OrderStatus=A), but have PO amount in Totals tab not same from  Purchase order inquiry vs Purchase order history inquiry

We call Sage support, the rep told me that this is a bug, trust Purchase order history inquiry result, Sage upgrade (our version is Sage ERP 100 2020) may fix these issue. Is that true?

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