• Warning message when trying to close GL

    I'm trying to close out the month in the GL module and I'm getting the following: Warning: Transaction Journal Entry is in Progress. I have Sage 100 Standard.PVX 2023 (Version Incidentally, I don't believe I have any JEs in progress.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit NACHA accepting Banks

    Which Banks are accepting the NACHA file upload for Direct Deposit Payroll? Is there a certain type of Account needed? I opened a separate account with Wells Fargo (Business Acct) and there is no place on online banking to upload file. Calling for support…
  • AP Invoice Copy Option

    Has anyone found a way to open a past entered invoice and copy it as a new entry where you can then change and update some data lines as needed? We have some repetitive billings with complex distributions that are the exact same month to month dollar…
  • Next automatic AR credit memo number option anywhere or enhancement?

    We are on Sage 100 Advanced v2022.2 and have been maintaining a list of AR CM numbers outside of Sage. This way when a CM is entered, there is a way to keep track of the numbers and not enter a duplicate, either in general or to the same customer. There…
  • General Ledger Allocations

    Is there a way to set up a General Ledger Allocation that will post to a Contra-Account rather than the Source Account. For example, we have a cost center set up for Maintenance Expenses. We want to allocate the Maintenance expenses to our Production…
  • starting balance

    I am setting up a new company and I am trying to enter the starting balance on some accounts so it should be just line entry because there isn't another account to applied it to. I have followed the instruction step by step several times but it says the…
  • Comments on AP Invoices

    Is there any way to modify AP invoice comments after the invoice has been posted?
  • Undo a bank statements, as many months as needed.

    Can you go back and undo a bank rec? Going back and undo as many months as needed?
  • Payroll transaction file

    Does anyone know you to reset the batch number in the direct deposit transaction file? After I did my year-end, it reset the batch number back to 000001 and now it is saying the batch number already exists.
  • AR invoice

    An A/R Invoice was created by copying a previous invoice. Only problem it was save with status as Paid. Any fixes?
  • Paya Settlement

    Paya did not appear to settle for us last night. We've never seen this issue before. Did this occur for anyone else?
  • AP automatic check is a bank adjustment now

    We have just run into a new issue. 3 automatic ( not manual) checks show up in the bank recap report as "Adjustments" and not check, like everything else. They were printed during a check run with 400 other checks, but they show as 'Adjustment' in the…
  • Inventory - brought items in - now need to "ADD" to them (ie paint them) - what's the best process

    We brought in some shelving - they are in inventory at a cost of $5. Now we have to send some of these out to get painted - the painting is going to cost $2/shelf. What is the best practice to bring these items back in at $7/shelf - but pay the painter…
  • AP batch coding change

    How do I change an account coding once a batch is completed
  • bank reconciliation not clearing

    I am trying to clear the transactions on one of our accounts while reconciling & the system will not bring up the dialog box that asks if we want to remove cleared transactions. The bank balance matches the GL, but the calculated book balance is off…
  • Sage 100 Advanced v2022.3 - Can't Delete Customer Due to Cash Receipts History

    Before I play the upgrade game, I figured I'd see if anyone has run across this issue: At least one AR customer - with no open balance - we run the Delete utility and it appears to delete all detail records except the customer is still in AR. The log…
  • How do you set up 2024 Alabama overtime rule

    How do you set up the new Alabama overtime rule? Where do you go do it does not add overtime to state wages or does not take it out.
  • Completed SalesOrder InvoicedAmt not correct

    Team, In our Sage ERP 2020 advanced, some completed sales order header InvoicedAmt not equal to the AR invoice total against this sales order, does it due data corrupt? What's the InvoicedAmt formula here.
  • Adding PO# to an AR invoice already printed

    Sage 100 v2018 - trying to add a missing PO# to an AR invoice already printed via: AR Inv entry inv # cust # > added PO#. No other changes are to be made on inv. Print invoice -. . . I continue to update Sales Journal and daily register states…
  • Shipping Data Entry: Scanned Orders Disappeared

    In the middle of a batch that my shipping manager was scanning out the company had lost power. An hour later, when the power came back on he went to continue to scan out the order that was in this batch but SAGE 100 would not allow him as it's saying…
  • Source Journal Missing from GL

    We are on MAS 200 v4.50.50, with the original payroll module (I know...we're working with our reseller on an upgrade plan). Our installation has been stable, and in the 10+ years we've been on this version, I've never seen anything like this so I believe…
  • VI Job for Inventory Adjustments

    Hi there, I hope you can help me. I created a job to import data for a positive inventory adjustment, and I need to specify the unit cost. We are using Scanforce multi-bin software, so we also need to specify the bin and lot. The issue is that the job…
  • Bank feed does not work with Bank Reconciliation

    We have started using Bank Feed to get bank transactions into Bank Rec to clear items. When we download the Bank Feed it imports all transactions not previously downloaded. When we want to do the Bank rec for a month (October) we don't start until the…
  • Purge records in pl_journalPDFlog

    Good morning. Does anyone know of utilities to purge records from the pl_journalPDFlog or to rebuild these files? Over time this file gets fairly large. Can the log be purged without deleting the PDF files? Thanks so much.
  • Is there a way to process a credit card as an immediate Sale in Sales Order Entry and not just a pre-authorization using Paya in Sage 100?

    Any time we enter an order in Sales Order Entry that is being prepaid with a credit card, we use the "Payment" Transaction Type which pre-authorizes the funds for the order. It is not until the order ships and the invoices are posted that the credit card…