• Sage Intelligence using Fiscal Year 4-4-5

    In Sage Intelligence if I run the report Fiscal Year Detail, the start date is not accurate if you are using a 4-4-5 Fiscal Year. The formula used to calculate the start of the month is not accurate and is off by days, resulting in incorrect period…
  • How can I run an Open S/O report that shows Profit Margin?

    I would like to run an Open Sales Order Report that show Profit and Profit Margin. I realize that this may not be an exact number, but I would like to see the profitability of upcoming jobs.
  • Cash Flow Statement

    Is there a standard cash flow statement out there?
  • Beginning Balance wrong on GL Detail Report

    It appears that the beginning balance for period 1 is coming into the reports without regard to the beginning period selected. The subordinate transactions come into the report correctly, but the balances are all off because of the incorrect beginning…
  • AR Aging in SAGE 100

    When I go into AR--Reports--AR Aging The aging date previously defaulted to the current date. Now the field is blank. I cannot figure out how to set it to automatically populate the current date.
  • Report that will show only AP invoices due by a certain date

    Is there a way to run an AP Invoice report that will only show invoices/credit memo's due by a certain date? We don't want to have to manually go through a large Aged Invoice Report to manually identify what needs to be paid this week.
  • Electronic Payment Register alphabetically

    The Electronic Payment Register used to print alphabetically but now it is printing by vendor number. Does anyone know how to change this? It is hard to match payments up to the banking import.
  • Purchase order inquiry vs Purchase order history inquiry

    We have some staff use Purchase order inquiry to review PO and other staff to use Purchase order history inquiry to review PO, some PO amount show different result in Purchase order inquiry vs Purchase order history inquiry, we found these common samples…
  • How do I run a Ledger Activity report by Job

    I'm trying to delete a job. I'm getting a message that there is Ledger Activity but no job cost or committed cost. Is there a way to run a Ledger report by job number?
  • Budget

    I tried to copy last year's budget to the next year. But I keep getting No Budgets Selected. Is there a trick to this?
  • Customer activity report

    Is there a report that will show a list of customer invoices and the payments + credit memos applied against it? We have a customer that is constantly trying to re-use credit memos. Thanks for your input!
  • Can I view a list of customers who are currently set-up for Paperless Invoice Delivery?

    I have a number of customers who are set up in for Electronic Delivery of invoices, and would like a current list of those customers vs those not currently set up. I am using Sage 100 2014.
  • Finding the number of invoices entered in AP? AP Analysis Report is showing data from a previous year. How do I change the periods it is pulling from?

    I'm trying to find out how many invoices are being entered by month/period. The generic report JAccounts Payable Analysis Report shows this information, but it is showing me data from year 2022, May through October. How do I change the date range? Or…
  • Daily Sales Report

    I am trying to update my day but every time I click on the daily sales report in SO, it will not launch and crashes pvxwin32. The links file has been renamed to break our 3rd party connections with zero impact on the launch. Everything else in Sage run…
  • Print cash receipts

    My company recently bought another company who has sage 100 for their accounting software. Before we close out their books we need to enter a few AR cash receipts. I have a basic knowledge of Sage 100 but am not proficient. I have entered the payments…
  • What permissions are needed to print the AP Invoice Payment Selection Register

    When user hits the printer icon in the Invoice Payment Selection nothing happens. If logged in as Admin role the selection register will print.
  • Is there a report that distinguishes between credit card customers and Net 30 customers who pay by credit card?

    Hi, I'm doing an analysis of credit card fees, with the intent of beginning to charge my Net 30 customers a fee for using a credit card to pay their invoice. I doubt it's possible, but is there some sort of report, or series of reports, I could run that…
  • AP Invoice register date fonts (v2022)

    Can the default date font size be adjusted on this report to accommodate MM/DD/YYYY date formats? I just fixed this for one customer, and I'd prefer to not have to do this for every upgrade... v2022.1 Standard (with ABC data). Bigger fonts do make…
  • MAS 90 V3.22 Error #40 Divide check or numeric overflow

    Got this error when daily field reports and updates. First Mas 90 pops up a window that says update interrupted. Do you want to restart? I Click yes and get the error 40 program SOZUAC. Line 3025. So now I am unable to enter new invoices or update the…
  • Crystal Reports: Adding a UDF for each Item Number on a Picking Ticket.

    OK. My lack of knowledge is really going to show here. For reference, we use Sage 100 2019 Manufacturing . I have a highly customized Picking Ticket created in Crystal Reports. We are a manufacturer, and when a customer orders from us, the Picking Ticket…
  • Questions about DTR in SO module

    Hello, I was recently asked about an issue with Sage and I am trying to confirm my suspicion. A user is running the Daily Sales Report/Updates in SO and is wondering why they are not being prompted to print the DTR like they usually would. I started…
  • Pick Sheets - Only Print Items that are Shipping

    Hopefully there is a way to do this. We are currently in a major backorder situation due to material shortages and have many orders that are partially shipping. For example, We enter an order containing pages of items (100-300 parts) We are able…
  • Financial Reporting Capability

    Does Sage 100 afford users with the ability to generate financial statements and WIPs as of a specific date in the past, and if so, how can this reporting be generated?

    Is there a way to map the alias item description for the G codes to certain work files to allow for easier access for use on forms?
  • Job Number in General Ledger Detail Report

    Hello, Is there anyway that we can associate Job Numbers to the Inventory Transaction (ISSUE)? For instance, we have this transaction with a value and a batch, how do I know what was on that inventory issue and what job it went to? Is there…