• Comments on AP Invoices

    Is there any way to modify AP invoice comments after the invoice has been posted?
  • Undo a bank statements, as many months as needed.

    Can you go back and undo a bank rec? Going back and undo as many months as needed?
  • AP automatic check is a bank adjustment now

    We have just run into a new issue. 3 automatic ( not manual) checks show up in the bank recap report as "Adjustments" and not check, like everything else. They were printed during a check run with 400 other checks, but they show as 'Adjustment' in the…
  • AP batch coding change

    How do I change an account coding once a batch is completed
  • Adding PO# to an AR invoice already printed

    Sage 100 v2018 - trying to add a missing PO# to an AR invoice already printed via: AR Inv entry inv # cust # > added PO#. No other changes are to be made on inv. Print invoice -. . . I continue to update Sales Journal and daily register states…
  • How can I reverse a prepayment that was made in error (was trying to zero apply invoices)

    Initially trying to zero apply two invoices and instead created a prepayment. How can I reverse the prepayment?
  • Reverse a reversed wire transfer

    Hi, Had a new employee accidentally reverse a wire transfer. Can that be undone? The invoices attached to it were recalled and now show unpaid - the wire transfer was previously reconciled.
  • Invoicing

    How do you change the "Confirm To" name that appears on an invoice? I know I can edit it after it has been invoiced, but how do i change it before that. There is a name that keeps appearing on the confirm to section and I'm not sure how to update it.…
  • Work Order - I need to edit WO1XXX to adjust fields 4, 6, and 9 to agree with one another on work orders that are complete but still show discrepancies

    Work Order - I need to edit WO1XXX to adjust fields 4, 6, and 9 to agree with one another on work orders that are complete but still show discrepancies. When I try to change field 9, it tells me that position 1 with a length of anything but 1 needs to…
  • $0 invoice

    When do you typically run the Remove Zero Balance Invoices utility... We have sent invoices @ $0 to customers several times lately. Regards
  • Sale Order Entry - History no show

    Hello.. we are using Sage 100 2022 couple of our users are having trouble viewing item history via S/O Lines tab. When adding a new line item then hitting F2 key the item list doesn't show however when I do the exact same the list appears.. Please review…
  • Can you reverse a voided check in Sage 100 - AP?

    We somehow voided the same check twice on different days. Can the duplicate "void" be reversed/deleted?
  • Apply credit to sales order

    Can a Credit be applied to a Sales order or only an invoice? Any explanation of best practice would be appreciated
  • Edit Sales Rep on Invoice Sage 100 (MAS90)

    I would like to change the sales rep assigned to an invoice. I see that the field is open if I go in through AR/Invoice Data Entry/Adjustment (similar to making a due date change) It doesn't appear to actually change the sales rep assignment. Has anyone…
  • How do I apply a check from a Vendor to remove credits on the account

    I am trying to apply a check from a Vendor because we closed our account and will no longer be buying from them. We had a credit on the account, so the vendor sent us a check. How do I remove the credits on the account so I can make the Vendor inactive…
  • Can I change the bank code?

    Can I change the bank code for an ACH payment that was made? It was booked into the ACH account but it needs to be moved to the operating account. Is this a possibility?
  • Pre Payment

    When a customer over pays and a pre-payment is created, is there some type of document created that I can send to the customer reflecting this?

    Can someone tell me how to remove finance charges from a customers account? I will say upfront that I have been in sales for many years and was recently given AR with no training so I am learning as I go here... I did go in and turn off finance charges…
  • Customer Balance

    Not sure what to even look up in KB to undo/solve the problem. A customer has a balance due on an invoice on their statement that should have been completely paid. I applied check payment to a customer invoice but it only applied the $1.50 discount…
  • WIP was turned off and it affected our GL postings. Is there a way to fix these without looking at each S/O Journal?

    Currently we use payroll for expensing the labor expense on our setup. There was an automatic offsetting journal entry that would zero out the expense for the labor transactions added to an S/O. When WIP got turned off the offsetting transaction for the…
  • Delete or reverse a JE

    I am new to Sage and need to delete a couple JE's that were in the previous (March) period-I have figured out how to reopen the period- however only 1 or 2 have deleted-the others tell me that they can't be deleted until all information is removed from…
  • Inventory Item on cancelled PO still shows QTY on PO column

    Hello.. So I created a PO with an inventory item xxx which had a qty of 25 then I had to cancel the PO. The PO is no where to be found but when I go into the Inventory item xxx then go to Quantity tab I see in the on PO column still the qty of 25. I…
  • AR Invoice Payments Today field

    We have had several clients complain about stranded amounts in the Payments Today field in the AR_OpenInvoice file since they have upgrade to Sage 2021. One client is having issues two to three times a week. In the past we may have had to fix this problem…
  • MAS90 accounts payable NOF vendor

    I reversed an old check and intended to adjust the invoice to reverse that as well, but found that the vendor is no longer on file. The invoice still shows up in the A/P trial balance report. How do I reverse this invoice if I can't access the vendor…
  • AP Aged Invoice line doubled the amount

    I am trying to correct some dating issues between transaction date and invoice date being in different years. I went through AP-Invoice Data Entry, using the incorrect date, and used the same invoice number with a negative amount. Then I re-entered the…