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I just wanted to confirm some functionality with the integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100.  When creating a new Person in CRM for a particular company that is linked to an existing Sage 100 company, do you always have to click 'maintain relationship' and manually link it a new contact code after creating it in order for a corresponding Sage 100 contact to be created in Sage 100?  Is there a way to have CRM automatically create the new contact in Sage 100?

Thanks for any information you might be able to provide!

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    Similar to creating Prospect Customers in Sage CRM not linked directly to a Sage 100 AR customer, you can create Persons in Sage CRM (even on a CRM Company linked to Sage 100) but not necessarily want them linked to Sage 100 contacts (contacts that are not being used for Orders or Quotes, for example).  

    If you want to have CRM Persons automatically linked to Sage 100, you can create them as a Sage 100 contact on that integrated AR customer and if the setting is selected in Sage 100 CRM Company Options "Automatically Create Sage CRM Records When Adding New" ..."Customers and Primary Contact" or "Addiitonal Contacts" then it would automatically create a matching Sage CRM Person on the company that is linked to the Sage 100 customer you add contact to.

    Another option would be to run Sage 100 CRM - Relationship Management Wizard and choose Sage CRM (rather than default of Accounts Receivable) and "Contacts", select the search Criteria, with a selection of "Default Relationship Action When No Match is Found" of "Create New" (the default). , select Next and review the list.  If it finds a similar match between Sage CRM Persons and Sage 100 AR Customer Contacts not already related based on search criteria then it will propose to "Relate" them, if the Person does not find a matching existing Sage 100 contact then it will propose to Create a new AR customer contact (based on Company where Person exists matched to AR customer and create contact there). 

    You should back up both Sage CRM SQL Database and your entire Sage 100 install before running Relationship Management Wizard and proceeding although you can run the Wizard and CANCEL before changes are made if you would like to see proposed results.

    Otherwise, yes you would need to individually select "maintain relationship" in Sage CRM when you create a new Person record even if the CRM Company is linked to a Sage 100 AR Customer to link the Person record selected to a Sage 100 AR Customer Contact and either select an existing Contact or create a new one at that time.

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    Thank you for the clarification/answer.

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