Grouping Warehouses in IRP similar to the legacy MRP module...

I am wondering if has made any IRP custom reporting for the Sage 100cloud Premium 2023 PU 1 that can address my customer need.    Here is the detail request from my client;

            They want to be able to run a report that looks like the legacy MRP action by vendor report for purchase items for a group of warehouses.  They recently upgraded to the Sage 100cloud Premium 2023 PU1.  I have not been able to modify the existing standard IPR reports to look like their legacy standard MRP module report.

            They use the backflush method for material issue and because of this; they purchase the items to the warehouse code “INV”.  They setup their work tickets where the default warehouse for the parent item is “FGD” and for raw material (purchased items) is “WIP”.  As they physically move the material to the manufacturing floor, they process a transfer transaction of purchased items (raw material) to the warehouse code “WIP” in order to track the WIP materials and separate them from the “INV” warehouse code.  They do not like changes and are not willing to change their current methods.  They are very much used to the old legacy W/O and MRP and in general, they want to make the IRP work like the MRP.  They can live with the existing standard IRP Action By Vendor report if they can group certain warehouse and exclude others into one group (similar to the MRP Warehouse Grouping feature in the legacy MRP module)  and prepare the Action By Vendor report by warehouse for “INV”, “WIP”, and “FGD”.  I am not sure if this is even possible but I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has any suggestions.

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    This does not answer your question but I am curious as to where I might find Action By Vendor report?    When I look at everything that is available to me under the IRP module, I don't have a Reports section.    I only see 3 sessions.

    So far, I am very unhappy with the functionality of "IRP" and don't see how it is ever going to give me the same data as MRP does/did .


    Inventory Requirements Planning

    Maintain Projectd Demands


    Inventory Requirements Planning Options

    Am I missing something?



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    Make sure you are using the latest version.  Sage added more in a recent release.

    Also check your Role permissions... options might be hidden if you don't have access.

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    Thank you!   I know I have full permission for our "Test Company" and it looks the same in there.   So I don't think it's a Role permission problem.  I guess then perhaps it's a version issue...?  We are running Sage 100 Advanced 2022 (Version

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