Product Line in Open Sales Order Report

As I slowly work my way through customizing our Sage 100 Advance instance, Sage City has been the greatest resource! Thank you all!

I am working with the Open Sales Order Report now and stuck on suppressing some items in the report.

The end goal is to hide/suppress items that belong to a Certain Product Line. When I run the report, I would like for it to only show items in the FG Product Line, but exclude items in the D Product Line. However, the Open Sales Order Report does not allow the sorting/filtering of Product Line in the Selections table. I tried the Open Sales Order by Item Report, but there are too few Selections to make the data relevant to the group of folks who need to use it. The Open Sales Order Report is much better suited.

Things I've tried:

1. Suppressing sections based on criteria like the word "Container," but that word might actually be in an order I want to be visible.

2. Adding the Product Line table to the report from Inventory Maintenance and adding the Product Line field to the report. That adds a generic Product line which is not correct to each Sales order, rather than individual item and suppressing the Product Line does nothing.

3. Creating a UDF that would allow the Product Line to show for each line item within each Sales Order that I can then suppress with a function. Got completely lost there and wasn't sure where to make the UDF and where to tether the business item.

What I'd like to accomplish is to either add Product Line to the Selections List for the Report (as in the attached screen shot), or just omit the items that aren't part of the FG Product Line. Just can't figure out how to truly get the Product Line to show in the Report and then strip out the unwanted orders.

Thank you much!


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