Customer RMA - Vendor Repair

When processing an RMA for a customer where the item needs to be repaired, we typically need to send it back to the vendor for repair.  I was just curious how other folks handle this scenario?  Right now we choose the following actions for the item in this situation (our options are currently set to track repairs at zero cost):

Customer Action:  Repair

Item Action: Stock

Vendor Action: Replacement

This generates the documents we need (Return of Goods to the vendor/replacement PO with the vendor with the repair warehouse specified, zero dollar replacement SO for the customer, ).  The only issue here is that despite the item being put back into inventory at zero cost, the vendor return of goods and PO defaults to the last unit cost of the item.  We'd prefer it defaulted to zero cost on both.

Anyways, just curious if anyone handles this scenario differently.  Thanks in advance for any advice!

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