What would be the best way to get around the issue of receiving items at the incorrect cost? The issue we're having is that the receivers are just receiving in the items with no knowledge of cost differences on the p.o. vs the invoice we receive from the vendor. It isn't until a few days later that AP sees that the cost is off and at the same time notifies the IM manager that the cost detail is wrong. There are probably 5 different departments that are involved in a single item, purchasing, receiving, accounts payable, the inventory controller, and production. It's like everything is done in a ping pong effect. I know to adjust it would be to return the goods and receive them back in at the correct cost but we are a keep it moving type company and any hiccup to correct things is like total devastation to some people. I've actually tasked myself with trying to keep track of all of this and it's redundant. I've tried putting policy and procedure in place but no one follows through. It definitely feels like there are too many hands involved. In order for this to always be correct it seems as if AP would have to do the receiving but as I stated AP doesn't receive the bill right away, it could be days, and usually when things arrive in our warehouse they're used right away. I just want to know how other people make it flow or do other people have the same issues?

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