Work Ticket Transaction "Reversal"

We are stumbling our way through Work Ticket implementation in the Production Management module with very little "specific step by step" instructions.      Thus I didn't realize if I entered a quantity into the "Close" ticket screen it would process the quantity as though we completed more.    

(A little background: I was never able to get approval to purchase/implement the Work Order module and have been merely doing Production Entry transactions for everything we manufacture for all the years we've had SAGE.)

In my case, the Work Ticket was for 600 and we had done 4 separate Completion transactions (partial amounts each time) that totalled 600.     This was the first Work Ticket we had entered and my supervisor directed me to Close it and told me to enter 600 in the Close screen.    Thus we ended up with a total of 1200 instead of 600.

Is there are way to do a Work Ticket "reversal"?  Similar to doing a Dissasembly Entry in the BOM Module?    If not, what's the best way to clean this up?    

I am thinking it will require an Transaction Entry - Adjustment to get the parts out of inventory and then some sort of Accounting magic to clean up the journal entries?

Thanks so much!

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    Doing a Bill of Material Dissassembly Entry will remove the extra "end item" parts but won't it also impact the components on the BOM, putting them "back into stock"?   The only inventory that was affected by this transaction was for the "end item".   

    So I think the only option is an adjustment.   Accouting is aware and they will take care of whatever needs to happen from the G/L perspective.

    Unfortunately, although I am all of a sudden responsible for most of the transactions and getting things to work, I'm not in a position to contact our consulting firm due to the way our company in currently structured.    I'm between a rock and hard place!   

    I appreciate your help!

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    Inventory Adjustment plus GL corrections sounds like a good strategy.  (As a side benefit, you can also choose the correct cost tier during an IA, where applicable, which is not an option for BM Disassembly).

    When you are not sure of the impact of a transaction strategy, create / refresh a test company and try it there first!  Avoiding problems in your Live data is better than having to fix mistakes.

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    Thank you! And yes, I am a firm believer in the Test Company strategy - unfortunately I'm currently not always given the opportunity to take this route...

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