InStr issue

I'm trying to use

if instr({Sheet1_.Restrict},{CI_Item.UDF_BRAND}) > 0

Sheet1_.Restrict is excel cell with this exactly   ["Smith's Sharpeners","Arkansas Sharpeners"]

{CI_Item.UDF_BRAND} is over 850 brands

The problem is its returning Smiths Sharpeners & Arkansas Sharpeners and Sharpeners Brands

I need it to only return Smiths Sharpeners & Arkansas Sharpeners and NOT Sharpeners

Sheet1_Restrict is an excel sheet with all our customers and the Brands they can't buy. I have a quantity report and I want to customize it for our top customers and exclude the brands they cant purchase.

So Im trying to use a excel document with a partial formula and have Crystal use it in its formula. It works part of the time.

I've also tried the Select Expert    not ({CI_Item.UDF_BRAND} like {Sheet1_.Restrict}) but that didn't work either.

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