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We currently print a barcode (on header level) on our picking sheets, I am trying to insert a formula into the report to fill in the background color yellow if any line items on the report contain a value greater than 0 in "UDF_QTY_PULLED" field on the line level.  One caveat, is I only want to look at regular items, ItemType =1.  I thought it could be a simple code but I think I need to look at all the lines.  Any itemtypes <> 1 I have a script populating the UDF_QTY_PULLED with the orderqty, so all those items will always have a qty in that field.  That is the reasoning to try to filter those out.

IF {SO_PickingSheetWrk.ItemType}="1" and {SO_PickingSheetWrk.UDF_QTY_PULLED}<>0 then crYellow else crNoColor

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    Sum ({@Detail_1_0}, {SO_PickingSheetWrk.SalesOrderNo})

    Without the grouping designation in the sum, it is a report total. 

    • Printing one SO at a time, a report total is no problem. 
    • Printing more than one SO, using a report total, the format would be applied if any of the SO being printed satisfied your condition.
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