Solutions on SMI Slow Performance Issue?

I am trying to create an Income Statement for a MAS200 client by using SMI. This client needs this Income Statement immediately.  However, I have been running the canned financial statement in SMI for over an hour now and the report is still running. 

It is my understanding that the engineer team at Sage is in the process of implementing a solution to enhance SMI performance by 90%, but I have no idea when the solution will be released. 

If everyone could please share your ideas on how to resolve this slow performance issue, that will be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Jing,


    As this dataset that you are referring to has 46 000 GL accounts, SMI runs slowly as it needs to render all of these accounts into Excel and then generate layouts from this, versus what FRx does which is aggregate the data before it arrives in the report.


    We are currently exploring and testing aggregated versions of the financial reports, which will limite the volumes of GL accounts arriving in Excel and will speed up performance.


    We will be sure to keep you updated on this, and can assure that tests to date are promising.

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    Is there an update on this?  Thanks.

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    I believe this was posted before the addition of the Report Designer Addin.

    Before financial reports took forever to generate.

    Now with the RDA a couple minutes.

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