• Error when trying to create a new view in SSMS

    I am brand-new to Sage 100, and am making my first attempt at creating a new view in SSMS. When I try to save my view I get this error: Our IT support says I have full administrative rights to Sage data, so they don't know what is causing this error…
  • Server-mounted PowerBI Gateway

    Having trouble with a server-mounted, On-Premises Gateway communicating with my silent ODBC for Sage 100 access. On-Premises Gateway successfully installed on my server (also the Sage server), and my published Power BI semantic model recognizes it.…
  • Sage Cloud Excel ODBC connector

    Hi, I have the basic Sage cloud but on downloding the audit trail to Excel, I thought there must be some ODBC drive to pull the data into Excel, where can this be found, or is the system so simple that it does not exist?
  • SQL Query - Sage Intelligence - Custom Container

    Greetings SI & SQL Gurus! I built customer SI containers for tables containing UDFs as part of a larger project. Some of those UDFs are date fields, which are typically null. This doesn't present a challenge for Sage, SQL, or the custom Crystal Reports…
  • Intelligence stopped refreshing data when changing Period or Year. Any ideas how to fix it?

    Sage intelligence has stopped refreshing when I change the Period or Year. I have formulas linked to a Year and Period so that changing either cell with the Year or Period changes the data to that time frame. It worked fine in a previous report version…
  • Custom Reports- The database login failed. No error

    We are having an issue where we are modifying a custom report in Crystal (minor change such as adding a column) and adding the updated report back into sage. Users are not able to run the custom report anymore. The get a "The database login failed. No…
  • Can't get accounts to populate properly

    Hello I have a 2018 Premium install of Sage 100 and I cannot get certain accounts to populate with balances in Sage Intelligence. The balance says zero but there is a balance in there for the period and year selected. It's selective. Some accounts do…
  • Display Dashboard

    I was able to setup my Maintenance Wizard, but when I go into Display Dashboard, I get " Can't Reach this page" make Sure the web address is correct.
  • CSV export repeats headers with each field value

    I know this is going to be a really simple answer... when I export my header comes out on each export line preceding the fields that are being exported. I want the header line to export in csv in the 1st line, with the record lines underneath. wa…
  • Function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' preventing deletion of report.

    I want to delete a report - get an error 'The function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' how can I fix this? We are on Sage 2020, not on a SQL server backend
  • Lookup SQL SELECT Statement in a Container

    Hello! We have an A/R Aging report in Sage intelligence reporting and now I'm trying to add the MemoText in the AR_InvoiceHistoryMemo table where MemoCode = "COLLECTION". Below are my statements, but the report still doesn't only pull the MemoText…
  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence w/Sage 100 Providex

    Looking for other users that use Sage 100 Std (providex) with Sage Enterprise Intelligence. I'm working with Tangerine and they are having trouble connecting the data sync to my odbc connection.
  • Join an Excel connection to Sage 100 connection with Connector

    Can you use the connector module to connect your Sage 100 ERP to an excel spreadsheet and match up the invoice number from Sage 100 to a column in the spreadsheet called invoice number for example? (sage 100 std v2018)
  • What tables to use to bring in fiscal year/period into GL reporting?

    I am creating a GL Detail report (GL_DETAILPOSTING) and need to have the fiscal year and fiscal period columns added to the report. What table do I use to join?
  • ODBC Driver for Excel returning NULL values for alphanumeric item codes

    why is the container importing my excel file with blank (NULL) values for items with alpha numeric labels? additionally the columns have switched order? Excel Output Connector Module Sample Run Original Excel FIle Import
  • Some cells not calculating correctly

    Have a client that's been using Sage Intelligence for several years. After upgrading Sage 100 to the 2019 version and moving to a new server, one report is not calculating correctly. Most rows are fine, but we have a range calculation that's not including…
  • Tables linking Sales Order Number and Customer Number

    The SO_SalesOrderDetail has just about every field I need except the customer number. What other table can I use to link them and report this field in Sage Intelligence 100? I am using Microsoft Query.
  • Can I report on multiple companies, that are on multiple servers?

    I have a client that is basically holding company, several companies, each with their own Sage server. They are wanting to do consolidated reporting in Sage Intelligence, for all companies. Can this be done? If so, how?
  • sql server new connection

    How do I add a new connection to a sql server in the same network as Sage 100 cloud?
  • Error? Excel cannot open the file "xx" because the file format or file extension is not valid

    I need help with this error message. This particular file worked fine on Friday. Now, on Monday, it won't open. My other files seem to work just fine. I get this error: Excel cannot open the file "file name" because the file format or file extension…
  • Not getting any data

    Hello, I am new to Sage and the usage of ODBC. I am able to run through the step in Excel (Get Data -> From Other Source -> Microsoft Query -> Pick my database -> I choose "GL_TrialBalanceWrk" -> select all with no filters) everything runs smoothly and…
  • Microsoft query to export time card data into excel?

    Can someone tell me what table/s I need to include to export the time card data for a job code using Microsoft query? When I select various tables thus far, no data is showing up. I know I can export the time card report to excel directly, but the data…
  • Why does the Mas90 ODBC Driver keep showing up in Sage Intelligence?

    We are having a problem with report totals doubling because the 'Mas90 4.0 ODBC Driver' driver keeps showing up as one of the connection types. Example - The Tenant Viewer looks similar to the following listings - TENANT, CONNECTION TYPE, DB SERVER…
  • What's wrong with my query? system.outofmemoryexception

    I have not had any success making any graphical joins as I am getting system.outofmemoryexception Here's an example of one of my Join SQL's: ("IM_ItemCost" INNER JOIN "IM_ItemWarehouse" ON "IM_ItemCost"."WarehouseCode" = "IM_ItemWarehouse"."WarehouseCode…
  • Extremely long load times when creating a report from Manager via Connector?

    I made the following graphical join to get invoice amounts by customer for certain invoice dates like 9/1/2017 to 9/30/2017. Graphical Join and Timeout Error I tried to load the report in manager and I had to cancel it at around 65 minutes...it was…