• Year to date and month to date inventory usage

    Is there a way to see usage of inventory for both YTD and MTD? Thanks
  • Error when running report as scheduled task

    When attempting to run a Sage Intelligence report (Sage 100) via the Windows Task Manager, the scheduled task fails with the message: Native Error Number: [-1147121340] Source Library: [] Error Text: [Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting cannot create…
  • Report of Inactive Items ONLY

    Good morning, I need to produce an inventory report of ONLY the inactive items/SKU's. In the Inventory Item Listing report there is an option to include Inactive items, but I don't see a mechanism to report ONLY inactive items without ALSO including…
  • Sage 100 2023 & StarShip v24

    Hello everyone, My company has been having an issue with a Sage 100 & StarShip interaction. Basically, when shipping items, the associated Sage documents are not printing. I've doubled checked multiple times to ensure the Form Code is correct and no…
  • Encryped data

    I would like to download vendor electronic banking details using Crystal reports, but it won't download due to encryption. Is there a way to get past this?
  • Inventory Discrepancy

    Spinning off of a previous post I made, https://communityhub.sage.com/us/sage100/f/intelligence-reporting/201839/inventory-analytics . Want another view to make sure I am thinking of this correctly. We currently do physical counts almost everyday, sometimes…
  • Modified/Customized Reports

    I learned today that there is a difference between a modified report and a custom report (which isn't my question, it just made the exchange more challenging). We had modified a report in Sage 100 CR primarily for work comp audits, that detailed pay categories…
  • GL Detail Report, adding the Posting Sequence Number

    In a prior version of Sage we had the Posting Sequence number on the GL detail report in a separate column. How can I add this to my GL detail report in Sage 100?
  • Picking Ticket Printing

    Has anyone reported having an issue where a line-item drops off the pick ticket? There was no BO on the SO. Thanks
  • Crystal Color Format Logic

    We currently print a barcode (on header level) on our picking sheets, I am trying to insert a formula into the report to fill in the background color yellow if any line items on the report contain a value greater than 0 in "UDF_QTY_PULLED" field on the…
  • Dashboard Reporting Request

    I have a client that uses Sales Order Master Orders as their "JOBS". They need to know how much is left to bill on a job, as well as the total margin and sell of the billed portion. This would make checking the health and life cycle of the project much…
  • Upgrade Sage Intelligence from 2015 Standard to 2023 SQL

    What are the steps to upgrade Sage Intelligence on Sage 100 standard 2015 to Sage 100 2023 Premium (SQL)?
  • Sage Intelligence - Sales report copied now it says 'The function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value'

    Hello, I'm using an SQL version of Sage, and use Sage 100 Premium. I'm having an issue with a report in Sage Intelligence. I have a copy of the Sales, Customer Sales report that I had copied into another folder. When I try to click on it, it immediately…
  • Exporting from Crystal with 'text' formatting

    Has anyone had success in exporting a report from Crystal to Excel - Data Only format and have Excel format columns with string values as 'TEXT' and not 'GENERAL'? I can't seem to come up with a way to do this in Crystal. Thought I would check here before…
  • AR Invoice History Report - Print the date range entered in Print Selections in the Report Header

    I would like to print the Report Selections Date Range in the Report Header.
  • Rollup tab overwrites custom tab in Sage Intelligence

    I am creating a new report for a client and after saving and re-running, the first custom tab has been partially overwritten by four columns of CompanyCode, Rollup Type, Rollup Type Description, and Rollup Code. The standard Rollup tab is still hidden…
  • Sage Intelligence duplicating data single table

    On Sage 100 Advanced 2021 sp5. I created a container with only the AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader file. added 4 fields. set the filters to a single date and only Source Journal "SO" the invoices are all duplicated. I tried the same thing on a different…
  • Inventory Analytics

    What are your favorite inventory reports to measure efficiency or accuracy? Does SAGE have any good native reports that yall use or is it better to make your own reports.
  • Sage intelligence

    How do I find the location of Sage Intelligence reports of the network?
  • Tenant cache must be deleted frequently

    In Sage Intelligence Reporting we frequently find that we need to clear out the Tenant cache. The error message we get back is: Problem Loading Data A row with duplicates was encountered at row number 248 for data object Accounts The Values are…
  • Sage Intelligence won't open on my stand alone system

    Windows 11 laptop, with Sage 100 versions 2020 Std, 2021 Adv and 2022 Prem installed and functioning fine. Sage Intelligence will not open any task in any of these versions. It's been a while since I have opened SI on my laptop, but it was working in…
  • AR Invoice History Report - Dates (Crystal Reports)

    Hi All, I have a report that is using the {AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceDate} field and I need it to return the last 18 months of data. Does anyone know the proper syntax to do this. Something along the lines of: "{AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceDate…
  • All Batch documents printing, even when only one selected

    I have one workstation that is printing Invoices. Even when they enter "Invoice Number / Equal To / " and type a single Invoice No, it prints all invoices in the batch. I am going to reinstall the workstation, as it is only occurring on one workstations…

    What is the best report to give a list of items sold, say for the last 12 months, from 1 particular vendor?
  • Sage 100C Report Writer - Can an HTML Hyperlink be placed in a Report Form?

    I'd like to include an active hyperlink in a custom report form using Sage report writer. Is there any way that the report writer can recognize a hyperlink or HTML?