• Sage Intelligence Consolidated Job Cost reports

    I feel like the Not Equal join used in Crystal in order to combine the Company file in a report to be able to get the company name/code would not work in SI. Is there a way of adding the company code for NON-FINANCIAL reports?
  • AR Aged Invoice Report

    Hello, I'm just trying to set up auto delivery for this report but it looks like it is only available in the stock Crystal Report form. Does anyone know if it's available in Sage Intelligence or if there is a way to convert Crystal Report reports to Sage…
  • Pass through variable "Last full month"

    What is the sql statement needed to get the last full month for a pass-through variable. Scenario is: On the 10th of the month, produce a GL detail report for all activity posted in the prior month. As always thanks in advance for your assistance…
  • Sage Intelligence and O365 Cloud

    Does anyone know if Sage is planning on supporting Sage Intelligence with O365 Cloud? I have several clients having issues with not being able to use SI with O365 Cloud and needing to install Excel locally. Thanks!
  • Upgrade Sage Intelligence from 2015 Standard to 2023 SQL

    What are the steps to upgrade Sage Intelligence on Sage 100 standard 2015 to Sage 100 2023 Premium (SQL)?
  • Rollup tab overwrites custom tab in Sage Intelligence

    I am creating a new report for a client and after saving and re-running, the first custom tab has been partially overwritten by four columns of CompanyCode, Rollup Type, Rollup Type Description, and Rollup Code. The standard Rollup tab is still hidden…
  • Sage intelligence add functions

    SI has a function for "GLActual" that nets the debits and credits. Is it possible to add 2 different functions to get the debit and credit separately? the data exists in the actuals currently included sub report.
  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports? Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?
  • Intelligence stopped refreshing data when changing Period or Year. Any ideas how to fix it?

    Sage intelligence has stopped refreshing when I change the Period or Year. I have formulas linked to a Year and Period so that changing either cell with the Year or Period changes the data to that time frame. It worked fine in a previous report version…
  • Create company parameter for Intelligence report template used across multiple databases

    We have a client that has several hundred companies in Sage 100. They have a report template that they would like to run individually on each of these companies. The customer owns the Connector module. Using the standard Autoconnect connection in…
  • Breaking Links within Excel Intel Report

    Normally I'm able to hit alt-E-K to eliminate all of the external links and replace with values within a spreadsheet, but no such luck with an Intel report. What steps am I missing? Thanks
  • PLDONGLE.DLL is empty and the download has been aborted.

    Trying to register in license manager and getting this error: Error: “The download file (PLDONGLE.DLL) is empty and the download has been aborted. Please check that your internet connection is functioning correctly." I have checked all the environmental…
  • Added a new company in Sage 100. How do we connect sage intelligence to the new company

    User has added a new company in Sage 100, but doesn't know how to integrate the new company with SI reporting
  • Cannot save Excel template

    Receive "No workbooks Open to Link" when trying to save an Excel Template
  • Multi-year (beyond Actual and Prior) comparative financial statements

    Has anyone ever created a Comparative Financial Statements for multiple years other then just Actual and Prior using Sage Intelligence? Request is to be able to print Comparative Financial Statements that cover, for example, the last five years on…
  • Can't get accounts to populate properly

    Hello I have a 2018 Premium install of Sage 100 and I cannot get certain accounts to populate with balances in Sage Intelligence. The balance says zero but there is a balance in there for the period and year selected. It's selective. Some accounts do…
  • Error Number: [462] BICore

    We are getting this error message on 4 machines (same company) running financials in Sage Intelligence. Error Number: [462] Description: [The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable] Source: [BICore] The server is running Excel…
  • BI tools menus cannot be resized

    Using RDS to use Sage 100/Sage Intelligence. When clicking the BI Tools, manage instructions or select instructions, the window pop up isn't able to be resized and can't see and select what we need. They have it restricted to change the resolution. It…
  • Report Writer - Searching for Consultant

    Hi, I run a fire protection company. We started a year ago and have grown to be 55 people and ~$7m of revenue. We use Sage 100. We're starting to need to get into analytics. We have an install and service part to our business and multiple services lines…
  • Function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' preventing deletion of report.

    I want to delete a report - get an error 'The function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' how can I fix this? We are on Sage 2020, not on a SQL server backend
  • One Report Two File Outputs needed

    Does anyone know if in Report Manager you can create 2 types of output files (xls & pdf) run with windows scheduler from one report or do you have to create a copy of the report to be able to do a second report output and schedule it after the 1st one…
  • Schedule a Sage Intelligence report to run automatically

    If you want to run a Sage Intelligence report using Task Scheduler I see that the workstation where you create the scheduled task must be turned on at the scheduled time. The workstation I wanted to use probably isn't going to be on so can I setup the…
  • Error running out the Financial Report Designer

    I successfully registered Sage Intelligence on a Terminal Server. The client is on v2020 Advanced. Excel 2007 is loaded on the Terminal Server. I can run out the non-financial report designer templates fine. When I try to run out the Financial Report…
  • Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action

    I'm suddenly getting this error and the only thing that stops it is a reboot. Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action Running Sage 100 Advanced on Windows 2019 Server & Excel Standard 2016
  • Intelligence Sales Report does not tie to P&L

    When I run a standard Customer Sales report in Intelligence for a month (Nov in this instance) it does not tie to the PL or sales recap report . Intelligence is typically higher than the PL. I can trace it to a specific product line but I don't see anything…