Sage Partner Cloud and linked files

We are strongly considering moving to Sage Partner Cloud on Azure.  One issue we can see right away is linked files. We scan all documents related to a SO invoice and create a memo on the invoice and attach the scanned documents which are saved on the network.  It appears this will not survive a migration to Azure.  Would like to know if anyone on SPC has faced this issue and how they addressed it. Going forward we will still be scanning and attaching to memos and would like to save to current location if possible.

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    Basically, the only approach we've thought up is using a shared cloud folder (with something like OneDrive), which auto-syncs to a local folder on the SPC server.  (One client didn't find OneDrive reliable enough, so they set up an SFTP client on the SPC server to push/pull the files).

    Awkward, but that's going to be the case with every cloud service.  The one thing I'm not particularly comfortable with for the SPC architecture, is it's a one server solution (not Sage server + user Terminal Server), so you really don't want users operating from the SPC server full time (with email...) and things like local file transfers for Sage input / output / links are indeed an issue.

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    What we are going to do is extract the memo tables and change the path to  the new path in the Sage Partner Cloud and then when we have moved over do an import to over write the path with the new path. 

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