Crystal Reports is not including duplicate amounts in detail listing of transactions.

I have a crystal report that lists the transactions that were entered into Sage General Ledger.   For some reason; I am trying to figure out; whenever a duplicate amount is entered in the GL Transaction it does not show up in my report.

Example   2010   ACCTS PAY-Trade                                                                                6,980.94

                  8560   Janitorial Expense   Nov Exp                               2,279.24

                 8560    Janitorial Expense    Dec Exp                              2,422.46

                 8560    Janitorial Expense   Jan 2023                              2,279.24

above is my entry.  When I run my report the 2nd 2,279.24 is not showing in the dill down. Then my report shows an out-of-balance of balance by 2,279.24.

I am not sure why duplicate amounts are missing from my report.  Any suggestion on where to start looking?

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